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Bandmaster: Sydney

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Name: Bandmaster: Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: bandmaster
Products: Model types

"Bandmaster" was a brand name used by Australian General Electric Ltd from 1935 to 1937. Prior to this, they used "A.G.E." and "G.E." After this they used "Hotpoint Bandmaster" 

See General Electric Australia for these models. All Bandmaster radios were manufactured by AWA but had different cabinet designs.

Production: 1935 - 1937

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  37 707DE 6K7  Uses automatic fine tuning. Chassis made by AWA and is the same as in the AWA model 262. 
AUS  37 357MV 1C4  Has separate vibrator power pack. Uses same chassis as AWA Radiola model 161V. 
AUS  37 267DE 6D6  Uses same chassis as AWA Radiola model 256. 
AUS  37 197DE 6K7  Same chassis as AWA Radiola model 257. 
AUS  37 257DB 1C4  Same chassis as AWA Radiola model 259B. 
AUS  38/38 558ME 6A7  The 6B7 is reflexed as the 2nd I.F. amplifier and the 1st A.F. amplifier. This radio uses ... 
AUS  37 177DV 1C4  Uses separate plug in vibrator power pack. Same chassis as AWA Radiola model 260V. 
AUS  37 447MV 1C6  4 valve, broadcast only receiver using the standard complement of 2 Volt  battery val... 
AUS  37 447DD 6A7  Same chassis as AWA Radiolette model 43.6B7 reflexed for IF and AF. 
AUS  37 357ME 6D6  Same chassis as AWA Radiola model 160. 
AUS  37 557DE 6A7  Chassis is the same as in the AWA Radiola model 38. 
AUS  37 457DE 6A7  Five valve, two band, AC operated superhetrodyne. Local distance sensitivity switc... 


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From the "Sydney Morning Herald", (NSW), April 18, 1935tbn_aus_bandmaster_ad.jpg

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Bandmaster: Sydney
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Peter Hughes

Bandmaster radios were made by Australian General Electric Pty, Ltd

Since their introduction in 1931, Australian General Electric receivers were marketed under the names, "General Electric", "Bandmaster" and "Hotpoint-Bandmaster".  The last name was in use consistently from the late thirties onwards.

Bandmaster: Sydney
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