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History of the manufacturer  

Gold Star Co., Ltd., Goldstar, LG Electronics; Seoul

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Name: Gold Star Co., Ltd., Goldstar, LG Electronics; Seoul    (ROK)  
Abbreviation: goldstar
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Goldstar Co., Ltd. (now LG electronics)

LG Electronics
LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Brand name: GoldStar
Some models are named to be "Lucky Goldstar" (LG). 

Founded: 1958
Production: 1959 -
1958 GoldStar (today's LG Electronics) established
1959 Korea's first radio produced
1962 Radio exported to the US and Hong Kong as Korea's first
1965 Korea's first refrigerator produced
1966 Korea's first black & white TV produced
1968 Korea's first air conditioner produced
1969 Korea's first washing machine produced
1974 GoldStar Communications went public
1977 Color TV produced
1978 Exports surpassed US$100 million as Korea's first in the electronics industry
1980 First EU sales subsidiary in Germany (LGEWG) established
1982 Color TV plant in Huntsville in the US established
1984 Sales surpassed US$1 trillion Won
1986 European-standard VCR plant in Germany established
1989 Sales subsidiary and a joint production subsidiary in Thailand established
1990 Ireland-based design technology center established
1993 With the establishment of Huizhou subsidiary in China(LGEHZ), marketing in China took full swing
1995 Company name changed to LG Electronics and the US-based Zenith acquired
1997 40-inch PDP TV and the world's first IC set for DTVs developed; India production subsidiary (LGEIL) established
1998 World's first 60-inch PDP TV developed
1999 LG.Philips LCD, a joint venture with Philips, established
2000 ILG Information & Communications merged
The world's first Internet-enabled refrigerator launched. Global sales of refrigerators reached the number one position
2001 Asynchronous IMT-2000 equipment commercialized; the world's first Internet- enabled washing machine, air conditioner, and microwave oven launched; LG.Philips Displays, a joint venture with Philips established
2002 Under the LG Holding Company system, the Company spun off to LG Electronics (LGE) and LG Electronics Investment (LGEI); the first home network system commercialized in the global market
2003 World's first synchronous-asynchronous IMT-2000 mobile phone developed; the world's first 76-inch PDP TV developed; CDMA mobile handsets took the largest share in the US & world CDMA market
2004 EVSB, the next-generation DTV transmission technology chosen to be the US/Canada DTV transmission standard by the US ATSC All-in-one LG 55" LCD TV, the world's first and largest among LCD TVs, commercialized The world's largest and first LG 71" plasma TV commercialized
The world's first terrestrial DMB phone developed

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
ROK  90 TCC-206    
ROK  89 Oscilloscope OS-9020A   Zweikanal-Oszilloskop, 20 MHz. 
ROK  66 Dryco 9 Super Silicon Solid State   The model number may be BM-709. Similar to the models reported under Goldstar Sound Mas... 
ROK  80 Carina FAS-103A   Batterien vom Typ " Mignon". Anschluß für Ohrhörer mit 3,5 mm... 
ROK  80 GST-2000   With timer. 
ROK  85 CBT-4342 Ch= PC-04X   Goldstar CBT-4342 Ch= PC-04X; PAL colour Television with CCIR B/G VHF-/UHF tuner. 
ROK  79 FM/SW/MW/LW Stereo Cassette Recorder TSR-540 MPS9426  Goldstar TSR 540 is an AC/ext DC/Battery operated Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder which con... 
ROK  80 Cassette Tape Recorder TCM-609    
ROK  75 RF-1014    
ROK  90 Goldstar   Goldstar; "Goldstar" lettering shaped radio, yellow colored, telescopic antenna. 
ROK  75 RF-1007   Gold Star RF-1007 AM/FM Transistor Radio, AC Operated. See also the similar models Alex... 
ROK  81 VR-317   Goldstar VR-317; ~29 cm b/w TV with CCIR B/G standard VHF turret & UHF dial tuner, 35/16 ... 


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