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History of the manufacturer  

Midwest Radio Co., The, (Miraco); Cincinnati, OH

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Name: Midwest Radio Co., The, (Miraco); Cincinnati, OH    (USA)  
Abbreviation: midwest
Products: Model types Brand

The Midwest Radio Company
3423 Dury Avenue  (ad April, 1920 Radio News magazine page 398) 
Cincinnati, Ohio (1920 to 1922)
804-812 Main Street   (ad March, 1923 Radio News magazine)
Cincinnati, Ohio (1923 to 1924)

Midwest Radio Corporation
480 East 8th Street   (ad Nov, 1924 Radio News magazine)
Cincinnati, Ohio (1924 to 1930s)

Midwest Radio & Television Corporation
909 Broadway
Cincinnati, Ohio (1947 to 1957)

Trade names Midwest, Miraco. Export to Switzerland.

Founded: 1920
Closed: 1957
Production: 1920 - 1957

Starting in 1920, A.G. Hoffman began building simple battery operated radios in his basement in Cincinnati Ohio and branded them 'MIRACO', a shortened form of the name of his new company, Midwest Radio Company. By 1924 advertisements identified the business as Midwest Radio Corporation and the bulk of his sales were by mail order. New catalogs were printed every year, showing the current offerings.

AC operated radios were first offered in the 1928 catalog. 1932 featured an 11 tube radio with optional 4 tube shortwave converter, and in 1933 they offered a 16 tube 5-band chassis that could be purchased along with a selection of different cabinet styles. 1934 introduced several new art-deco cabinet styles unlike anything offered by other companies.  A limited number of special radios were made in 1935, 36, and 37, the 18 tube 1935 Midwest Imperial, the 24 tube 1936 Midwest Royale, and the 22 tube 1937 Midwest Regal. These were still chiefly sold through mail order.

The catalogs offered a range of chassis sizes and large tube-count chassis could be purchased at a very low cost compared to the competitors. The buyer could put these chassis into a cabinet they already had, or could buy one of the Midwest cabinets designed to fit that chassis.

Midwest is known for large numbers of tubes used in their radio chassis at a time where the tube count was a selling point. The average consumer, having little knowledge of radio's inner workings, had seized on this idea as a handy measurement of a radio's worth. Some manufacturers added tubes that were unneeded or useless, but every tube on a Midwest chassis had a function. Midwest's designers might use four or six audio tubes where two would work, but the additional tubes are why the large Midwest chassis have exceptionally good sound.

Most mid-1930's Midwest models featured large tuning dials, sometimes framed with fancy chrome metalwork. Midwest's cabinets are usually large, with interesting multi-veneer designs, sometimes with "futuristic" or art-deco styles, especially during the later 1930s. But in fact, cabinetry was where Midwest accomplished most of their money-saving measures. The cabinets look marvelous, but on closer inspection, one notices the thin wood used in the construction. Also, instead of using more expensive screws, glue and nails were used to build the boxes. Midwest skimped a bit on finish as well, using less lacquer than many other manufacturers. Even so, the cabinets had a look that few companies could match.

For a short time during the 1920s tubes were made for the company with the brand name Miraco.

After World War II, Midwest continued to produce radios, but with scaled-down chassis and cabinet designs. They even ventured into television production beginning in 1949. The company struggled during the early 1950s and finally went bankrupt in 1957. The company name, service department, and parts inventory were sold to Thomas Talley, of Cincinnati, who supplied parts until around 1970 when the remaining stock was hauled to the dump.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  33 AC9 [late] 35    
USA  35 Chassis 18-36 6K7  Used in console models AA-18, BB-18, DD-18. This is a chassis! Bunis/Slusser erroneouly no... 
USA  33 Chassis 12-33 58  4 bands: BC, Police, 2xSW. 2 Edyn speakers. Choice of cabinets. 
USA  22 Miraco Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver UV200  The Miraco Receiver is designed for radiophone reception from 150 to 600 meters. Matching ... 
USA  23 1 tube [(32$)]   One dial (primary tuning control knob) . No details available. 
USA  34 Chassis 10-35 58  used in console model F-10(1935). 
USA  34 Chassis 10-34 58  Used in console model F-10(1934). 
USA  36 10-37 AC-DC 6K7   
USA  37 Chassis 10-38ACDC 6A8  Also with Long wave band 
USA  33/34 10A-33-34 58  Midwest 10A-33/34 is a rather early superhet with RF-stage and several short wave bands an... 
USA  31 11tubeSH 11-31 Chassis 35  Choice of cabinets. 
USA  35 Chassis 11-36 6K7  Used in console models L-11, MM-11. 


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Advert 1949tbn_us_midwest_radio_television_advert_1949.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_adbooklet_p12_d.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_adbooklet_p10_b1_b2.jpg
September 1922 Radio News advertisement. page 541tbn_usa_midwest_ad_sep22radnews180k.jpg
June 1921 QST magazine advertisement page 96tbn_usa_midwest_jun21qst-1.jpg
Midwest 1951 adverttbn_us_midwest_advert_1952models_address.jpg
April 1925 Radio Broadcast magazine advertisement page 1025tbn_usa_midwest_miraco5_april25radbroadcastad.jpg
November 1927 Popular Mechanics magazine page 141tbn_usa_miraco_nov27popmech.jpg
May 1924 Popular Radio magazine advertisement page 29tbn_usa_midwest_k_may_1924_popular_radio_advertisement_page29.jpg
January 1925 Popular Radio magazine advertisement page 111tbn_usa_midwest_jan_1925_popular_radio_page_111.jpg
Wartime advertisement from March 1943 issue of Radio-Craft Magazine, page 347tbn_usa_midwest_ad_mar_43.jpg
Radio News for October 1925; p. 563tbn_usa_midwest_adresse.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_adbooklet_p15_g.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_ac9_unitune_chassis_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_ultra_8_chassis_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Midwest booklet Radio's Greatest Values in fine sets for 1929-30.tbn_midwest_adbooklet_p28_speakers.jpg
1935 Midwest cash price order formtbn_us_midwest_16_35_order_small_1.jpg
1935 Midwest Easy Payment Agreement order formtbn_us_midwest_16_35_order_small_2.jpg
1935 Catalog 1/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_1.jpg
1935 Catalog 2/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_2.jpg
1935 Catalog 3/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_3.jpg
1935 Catalog 4/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_4.jpg
1935 Catalog 5/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_5.jpg
1935 Catalog 6/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_6.jpg
1935 Catalog 7/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_7.jpg
1935 Catalog 8/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_8.jpg
1935 Catalog 9/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_9.jpg
1935 Catalog 10/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_10.jpg
1935 Catalog 11/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_11.jpg
1935 Catalog 12/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_12.jpg
1935 Catalog 13/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_13.jpg
1935 Catalog 14/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_14.jpg
1935 Catalog 15/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_15.jpg
1935 Catalog 16/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_16.jpg
1935 Catalog 17/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_17.jpg
1935 Catalog 18/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_18.jpg
1935 Catalog 19/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_19.jpg
1935 Catalog 20/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_20.jpg
1935 Catalog 21/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_21.jpg
1935 Catalog 22/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_22.jpg
1935 Catalog 23/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_23.jpg
1935 Catalog 24/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_24.jpg
1935 Catalog 25/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_25.jpg
1935 Catalog 26/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_26.jpg
1935 Catalog 27/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_27.jpg
1935 Catalog 28/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_28.jpg
1935 Catalog 29/29tbn_us_midwest_1935_catalog_small_29.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 1/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_1.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 7/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_7.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 8/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_8.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 9/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_9.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 10/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_10.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 11/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_11.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 12/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_12.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 14/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_14.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 15/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_15.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 16/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_16.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 17/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_17.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 18/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_18.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 19/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_19.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 20/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_20.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 22/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_22.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 23/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_23.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 2/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_2.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 3/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_3.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 4/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_4.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 5/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_5.jpg
1940 Midwest radio catalog color scan page 6/23tbn_us_midwest_1940_catalog_small_6.jpg
Popular Mechanics January 1925tbn_miraco_pop_mec_125.png
Advert for 1949, printed 1948, new 16-Series with FM and TV-audio.tbn_advert_midwest_1948.jpg


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