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Alta, Fernand Bouchez (Boucher); Breuil-le-Sec (Oise)

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Name: Alta, Fernand Bouchez (Boucher); Breuil-le-Sec (Oise)    (F)  
alternative name:
ALTA, France
Abbreviation: alta
Products: Model types

Fernand Bouchez Constructeur
Breuil-le-Sec / Oise

Marque Alta déposée le 31 juillet 1926 (publication dans L'Antenne 03.10.1926, "Boucher" probablement en erreur).


This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
28 Poste à 5 lampes intérieures A416   
27 Poste à 4 lampes intérieures    
25 Poste à 2 lampes    
24 Poste à 3 lampes    


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Alta, Fernand Bouchez (Boucher); Breuil-le-Sec (Oise)
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France: Unknown Manufacturer ALTA
Georg Richter
  1 Merry Christmas, dear all.

I am wondering about the "ALTA" sign on a really old
5-tuber which I assume it is made in France:

Maybe a very small manufacturer?
Homebrew with parts from "ALTER"?
(All resistors and capacitors are "ALTER")

The Philips tubes may not be related to this model, remaining
are two A416 and one B403. They also are marked ONYX,
the A416's additionally "GDEIS":

The coils are perfect manufactured, even if the
wires are wound on old newspapers and the mechanical
application looks way handicrafted.

The Volt-meter is from "Sigogne & Cie.", 0 to 40V.

The circuit itself seems to be changed sometimes ;-)

Please take a look at the attached pictures, any hints are
highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Werner Braun

PHILIPS radio tubes seemed to be quiet common in French radio sets of the late 1920s.


I wondered about the "ONYX" and "GDEIZ" stamps as well.

Does anyone know about their meaning?

Best regards and merry christmas to all , Werner.

Georg Richter
  3 Hi all,

not GDEIS, not GDEIZ, but GEDR (Jugendstil!). Excuse the French note
from , you must scroll down some meters ...

"Ce papier de soie entourait une lampe dans sa boite.
Si la France était à la traine des Etats-Unis sur le plan technique, elle était par contre bien en avance pour Taxer ! Le sigle GDER atteste que le constructeur du tube a bien payé la première taxe de l'audiovisuel française !"

Enjoy the translation of Altavista Babelfish:

"This tissue paper surrounded a lamp in its limps. If France were with the traine of the United States on the technical level, it was on the other hand well advances Taxer with it! Initials GDER attest that the manufacturer of the tube paid well the first tax of audio-visual the Frenchwoman!"

Thanks to Jean Claude Pigeon the small manufacturer ALTA seems to be identified, but the receiver is not yet to find anywhere.

The parts marked "ALTER" are from an other manufacturer.

The newspapers which are used as core to make the coils are refering to 1875 ;-)

Regarding ONYX, actual announcements in WWW
"Philips cathode tube production site in ... group), and Onyx in France, a subsidiary of the Veolia Environnement group. ..."
seems to be an answer.

So far today.

Kind Regards
Jean Beseme
  4 ALTER was a French components manufacturer who was still active in the 70's under the brand "MCB-Veritable Alter" as a producer of potentiometers (carbon and wirewound).
As for Veolia, it's a subsidiary of Vivendi-Environnement, specialising in the garbage collection and disposal !
Ernst Erb
  5 Werner Braun (German) wrote an eMail to me, explaining what GDER means and I had to wonder why he writes to me something which I have described in "Radios von gestern" 16 years ago ...

I should not be involved personally with such single matters - as the example shows ... I found the reason by typing GDER into the SEARCH - this thread ... My hours are already far too long ... I don't get through if I don't get up early ...

In "the bible of the German radiocollecotrs", as it is often called, you "naturally" find also a short history about French radio tube manufacturers etc. The Expression is explained on page 223 above right and details given to it.
Werner Braun
  6 I beg Your pardon...

First I sent the email by mistake to the "Moderator" instead of the "Author"

Second I saw the "GDEIZ" several times in reality and I always understood it as "GDEIZ".
I'd never made any link to  "GDER" at all.
If I had known what to look for, I would have done so.

Mfg Werner
Alta, Fernand Bouchez (Boucher); Breuil-le-Sec (Oise)
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