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History of the manufacturer  

SEMP (Sociedade Eletro Mercantil Paulista)

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Name: SEMP (Sociedade Eletro Mercantil Paulista)    (BR)  
Abbreviation: semp
Products: Model types

In 1977 SEMP made a joint ventury with Toshiba, but 60% of shareholders still belong to the Hennel family, the founders.

Founded: 1942
Semp Toshiba is today one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Brazil, which holds the most extensive product portfolio. Present in most Brazilian homes, Semp Toshiba continues to maintain its pioneering role in launching innovative products in the lines of audio, video and computer . Born as Sociedade Eletro Mercantil Paulista, was founded in 1942 in the city of São Paulo. That same year, launched the first radio manufactured in the country. In 1949 produced the first radio - phonograph , and in 1951 - less than a year after the start of TV broadcasts in Brazil, the first fully local made TV set.
Decisive for the development of the Brazilian color television in the 1970s, it was from 1973 that the company - now known as Semp Radio and Television - experienced great growth, made possible by the opening of the plant in Manaus (Amazonas state). The name Semp Toshiba has become part of everyday life in the market since 1977, when it was celebrated the joint venture with Toshiba Corporation, which contributed directly to the expertise of Japanese technology for televisions. This partnership , always enlarged and improved, contributed to the emergence of Semp Toshiba Informática in 1996, producing computers. In 2005 the group has consolidated its market position with the launch of the brand STi, with focus on IT and audio - video.

By mid 2016 Semp disclosed that its joint venture changed from Toshiba to TCL, a chinese brand. From now on the brand will market also kitchen appliances besides electronic products. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Meyer Rochwerger.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BR  07 Toshiba Micro Hi-Fi System MC855MUS   MC855MUS is a 3 CD changer Micro System. The MC855MUS is a micro system produced by Sem... 
BR  56 AC 546/C 6AJ8   
BR  66 LP-75 AF115  Realmente es un receptor de 6 transistores, los últimos 3 x OC74 son usados como diodos re... 
BR  02 Digital Video Disc Player SD-300X   Video output = S video, video component and composite video Audio output = digital coax... 
BR  06 Mini HiFi System MS 7303CD   FM MW PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck. MW = 520 to 1710 kHz F... 
BR  06 Toshiba Micro Hi-Fi System MC 852MP3   FM MW PLL radio with 3 CD changer (lift type) MW = 520 to 1710 kHz FM = 87.5 to 108 ... 
BR  01 Rádio Relógio RR-1266   MW FM radio with clock and alarm MW = 530 to 1705 kHz FM = 88 to 108 MHz LED displa... 
BR  05 Mini Hi Fi System MS6603CD   FM MW PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck MW = 530 to 1710 kHz FM... 
BR  02 DVD Portátil SD-P1500   SD-P1500 Portable DVD player Display 8 inch wide screen 234 x 480 pixels Video outputs... 
BR  04 Mini HiFi system MS6606CD   FM MW PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck MW = 530 to 1710 kHz FM... 
BR  04 CD-R / RW FM Radio Portable CD Player CDP6150BL - CDP6150S   Portable CD player CDP6150 with PLL FM radio FM 87.5 - 108 MHz Power jack input f... 
BR  02 Mini System MS6538CD   Mini System MS-6538CD MW and FM radio, PLL tuning with 45 presets (15 for MW a... 


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Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory1.jpg
Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory2.jpg
Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory3.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. Loudspeaker box assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory1.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. TV assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory2.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. Audio system testing at assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory3.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB auto insertion section 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory4.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. TV assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory5.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB assembly facility 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory6.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB assembly facility 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory7.jpg
Semp Toshiba factoryin Manaus. Radio cassette recorder assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory8.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. DVD assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory9.jpg
Mini system production line in Semp Toshiba Manaus (2005)tbn_stm.jpg
Partial view of Semp Toshiba development center in Cajamar - São Paulotbn_cajamar.jpg
Partial view of Semp' video engineering dept in Cajamar (São Paulo)tbn_br_semp_videoengin_2009.jpg
Semp booth at São Paulo Trade Fair in 1955tbn_br_semp_showroom_1955_event.jpg
Semp Toshiba canteen in Manaus factory - photo dated 2005tbn_br_semp_manaus_canteen_2005.jpg