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History of the manufacturer  

SEMP (-TCL, Toshiba), Sociedade Eletro-Mercantil Paulista; São Paulo

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Name: SEMP (-TCL, Toshiba), Sociedade Eletro-Mercantil Paulista; São Paulo    (BR)  
Abbreviation: semp
Products: Model types Others

Sociedade Eletro-Mercantil Paulista Ltda.
Rua 24 de Maio 32, São Paulo (1946)

SEMP Rádio e Televisão S.A.
Rua Dr. Ubaldino do Amaral 109, São Paulo (1954)
Rua Liberdade 646, São Paulo (1958)

Avenida Amaldo Rojek 1, Cajamar (1977)

SEMP Toshiba Amazonas S.A.
Rua Içá 500, Manaus (2002)

Cajamar (2016)

There are many more subsidiaries with different addresses.

SEMP is today one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Brazil with an extensive product portfolio. Semp produces audio, video and computer products as well as home applicances.

Founded: 1942

The Sociedade Eletro-Mercantil Paulista was founded by Affonso Brandão Hennel in 1942 [2][5] ([1] claims a date of 1939), in the city of São Paulo.

In 1949 they produced the first radio-phono combination, and in 1951 - less than a year after the start of TV broadcasting in Brazil - the first fully locally made TV set. 

The company was transformed into SEMP Rádio e Televisão S.A. on 20 Feb. 1953. At this time, the company objective also already included the manufacture of motors, refrigerators, fans and other related material.[6]

In 1954 they had an average output of 4500 sets per month, shared between radios, TVs and radiograms, additionally manufacturing cabinets, chassis, transformers and coils for internal use.[1]

In 1973 a manufacturing site in Manaus (Amazonas state) was opened.

In 1977 SEMP entered into a a joint venture with Toshiba, with 60% of the share remaining with the founders, the Hennel family. 

This partnership lead to the establishment of Semp Toshiba Informática Ltda. in 1988 [4], which manufactured personal computers.

In the early 2000s SEMP began marketing a line of  high value products under the Infinity brand.

In 2005 the group launched the brand STi, with a focus on IT and audio-video products.

The partnership with Toshiba was terminated in 2007.[3]

In 2016, a new joint-venture with the Chinese manufacturer TCL was set up, with Hennel retaining 60% of the firm. From that date on, SEMP also marketed home appliances.

In June 2020, TCL took control of the company by increasing its stake to 80%.[3]

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This manufacturer was suggested by Meyer Rochwerger.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BR  56 AC-778-C ECH81   
BR  53 AC-12N UCH42  Autotrafo, keine Netztrennung !!! 
BR  55 AC-122-A 12BE6   
BR  56 AC-120 Série M 12BE6   
BR  51 AC-51 Série B ECH42  This model was manufactured by RADELSA for Sociedade Eletro Mercantil Paulista. 
BR  51 AC431 "Capelinha" 6AJ8  This radio was reissued in a transistorized version in the 1970s as Transi-Semp PT-76.  
BR  52 AC131-A 6BE6   
BR  55 AC538/E 6BE6   
BR  52 BC379 ECH42   
BR  54 AC431/BE 6AJ8  SEMP Mod. AC431/BE (dec 50) - Brasil 4 Faixas de Onda - 5 válvulas - 
BR  53 AC131K ECH42   
BR  54 DC-6C UCH81   


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

O Estado do São Paulo, 24 March 1946tbn_br_semp_majestic1946.jpg
Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory1.jpg
Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory2.jpg
Semp Radio and TV factory in 1954tbn_br_semp_1954_factory3.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. Loudspeaker box assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory1.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. TV assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory2.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. Audio system testing at assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory3.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB auto insertion section 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory4.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. TV assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory5.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB assembly facility 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory6.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. PCB assembly facility 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory7.jpg
Semp Toshiba factoryin Manaus. Radio cassette recorder assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory8.jpg
Semp Toshiba factory in Manaus. DVD assembly line 2005tbn_br_semp2005_factory9.jpg
Mini system production line in Semp Toshiba Manaus (2005)tbn_stm.jpg
Partial view of Semp Toshiba development center in Cajamar - São Paulotbn_cajamar.jpg
Partial view of Semp' video engineering dept in Cajamar (São Paulo)tbn_br_semp_videoengin_2009.jpg
Semp booth at São Paulo Trade Fair in 1955tbn_br_semp_showroom_1955_event.jpg
Semp Toshiba canteen in Manaus factory - photo dated 2005tbn_br_semp_manaus_canteen_2005.jpg
Partial view of the former Semp factory in São Paulo, where the product development center was located before moving to Cajamar. Photo date 2004tbn_br_semp_sp_date2004.jpg


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