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History of the manufacturer  

Collier & Beale Ltd.; Wellington

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Name: Collier & Beale Ltd.; Wellington    (NZ)  
Abbreviation: collier
Products: Model types

Collier & Beale Ltd.; New Zeeland used since 1940 a three figure model numbering in which the first numeral indicated the number of valves, the second number indicated the number of bands and third number the year of manufacture, With start in 1950 an additional numeral was required to indicate the year of issue, thus 5151 = 5 valves, 1 band, 1951. System remained in use until 1957 when model names replaced model numbers.

Founded: 1926
Collier & Beale was formed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1926. In 1939 they introduced the first of a line of radios branded as 'Pacemaker'. In 1954 the General Electric Co of England (GEC) acquired a majority shareholding in the company. In 1957 Collier & Beale were the first New Zealand Company to design and manufacture a portable transistor radio. Known as the Pacemaker Transportable it used 8 RCA transistors and it was claimed to be the only set in the world at that time to use an RF stage. During the next couple of years Collier & Beale formed a relationship with the Sony Corporation that enabled them to manufacture certain models in New Zealand under license. These radios were branded as 'Sony Pacemaker' and production continued until 1966. By 1973 Collier & Beale had ceased to exist as they were taken over by GEC (NZ) Ltd. REF: The Golden Age of Radio in the Home by John W Stokes.
Known brands of Collier & Beale Ltd.
Name Brand Name Distributor
Aristocrat Todd Motors Ltd.
Cromwell HW Clarke Ltd.
Ensign Electric Lamphouse Ltd.
Golden Tone Lewis Eady Ltd.
Gulbransen (NZ) HW Clarke Ltd.
Neeco National Elec. & Eng. Co.
Pacemaker HW Clarke Ltd.
Radion Todd Motors Ltd.
State Wright Stephenson Ltd.
Sterling Sterling Stores Ltd.
Sylvia LD Nathan Ltd.













Information from “The Golden Age of radio in the Home”, John W Stokes, pages 32-36.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NZ  40 Gulbransen AC/Vib. Unk. 6 valve DW AC/Vib. 6S7G  This radio could be powered from the AC mains or from 6 volts DC via a sychronous vibrator... 
NZ  49 Gulbransen 518N 6BA6  Bakelite case with the centre section of brass sheet metal and a carrying handle. ... 
NZ  54 4154 ECH42   
NZ  49 State 519P unknown_Tube  Loctal valves, probably 7S7 7B7 7C6 7C5 7Y4. NZ call signs and frequency on scale. ... 
NZ  57 Pacemaker Buffalo 6BE6   
NZ  52 Pacemaker 5150 A.B. 1T4   
NZ  42 Z.C. 1 Mk I (Mk1) 6U7G  New Zealand Wireless Set Z.C.1 Mk I: Military transceiver covering 2 - 6 MHz, operating mo... 
NZ  58 Pacemaker Trans-Portable Transistorised 58 OC71  Collier & Beale, C & B Pacemaker Trans-Portable Transistorised 58 Radio. OA85... 
NZ  36 Radion Little Aristocrat 5AV 6B7   
NZ  45 465D 6X5GT