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History of the manufacturer  

Tobe Deutschmann Corporation; Canton, MA

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Name: Tobe Deutschmann Corporation; Canton, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: tobe
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Tobe Deutschmann Corporation
Canton, Massachusetts (1934)

Manufacturer of condensers, analyzers and filterettes against radio noises in the 1920ies and 1930ies, Also publisher of books about this topic.

Three advertisements from 1927 show the company at Cambridge and one for the tube shows them at Cornhill, Boston.

A tube was advertised by QST in August 1927.

sold by Radolek, Chicago; Catalog 1938, Condenser Analyzer.


Entry in 1967 in DECISIONS OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTEAI0R Volume 74 : g 89 In such situations relief has been denied where the delays were found to be contempo- raneous (Tuller Construction Company v. United States, 118 Ct. Cl. 509 (1951)), or where the defendant's delay was concurrent or intertwined with other delays (Commerce Internatienaz company, Inc. v. United States, 167 Ct. Cl. 529 (1964)). Cf. Tobe Deutschmann Laboratories, NASA BCA No. 73, 66- BCA p ...

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  36 Condenser Analyzer 01A   
USA  34–36 Interference Locator 32  Tuning range 550 to 1500 kHz. Rod and Loop aerials used. Bridge rectifier and meter indica... 
USA  30/31 Interference Locator 230 232  The Interference Locator 230 has been announced in "Radio Retailing" as "Model 230, just b... 
USA  25 Filter Condensers   Filter Condensers for up to 700 volts DC, recommended for 'B' battery eliminator circui... 
USA  26 B-Block Condenser   B-Block condenser. Contains in one compact metal case three filter and two by-pass ... 
USA  39 Condenser Bridge Analyzer   Condenser bridge and analyzer for measurement of capacity, resistance, power factor and... 
USA  39 Universal Filterette    25For eliminating radio noise. Capacitive-inductive all-wave filterette. Universa... 
USA  39 Oil Burner Filterette    25For eliminating radio noise. Use on all oil burners to eliminate ignition inter... 
USA  39 Filterette Junior    25Designed to stop radio noise from portable household appliances. AC and DC ... 
USA  39 Razor Filterette    25Designed to stop radio noise from electric shavers. AC and DC 110 volts. ... 
USA  39 High Efficiency Noise Filter    25For eliminating radio noise. Specially designed for portable appliances produci... 
USA  39 Radio Line Filter RF-2    25For eliminating all wave radio noise reaching the receiver through its power li... 


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Radio Broadcast, Nov. 1925, p. 111tbn_usa_tobe_2.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Nov. 1925, p. 111tbn_usa_tobe.jpg
Citizens Radio Call book ad spring 1927tbn_tobe_crcb_spring_1927.png
QST advert August 1927tbn_tobe_qst_827.png
QST October 1927tbn_tobe_qst_1027.png
Radio News for May, 1935, page 713.tbn_tobe_deutschmann_in_radio_news_1935_05.jpg
Congressional Record 1959.tbn_tobe_deutschmann_1959.jpg
Tobe capacitor installed in radiotbn_tobe_kondens_gepolt.jpg