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History of the manufacturer  

Yamaha Co.; Hamamatsu

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Name: Yamaha Co.; Hamamatsu    (J)  
alternative name:
Nippon Gakki
Abbreviation: yamaha
Products: Model types Others

10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Hamamatsu Shizuoka 430-8650, Japan

Development, production and sales of:
- musical instruments
- professional audio equipment
- home audio/video products
- motor cycles (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.)
- chemical metallurgical based products
and have also Music Schools
Yamaha Musical foundation

Productions of 6 millon Pianos between 1900 and 2003

Founded: 1887
Production: 1897 -
Correct name "NIPPON GAKKI Company Limited". Founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1897. Production of organs.
1900 begin of production of pianos,
1922 production of hand-wound phonographs,
1954 manufactures its first Hi-Fi equipment,
1965 begins producing wind instruments like trumpet aso.,
1968 production of hi-fi stereo equipment

This manufacturer was suggested by Urs Gloor.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
82/83 P-200   Halbautomatischer Plattenspieler mit Riemenantrieb, hydraulischer Lift. 
91–93 Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier AX-450   HiFi Vollverstärker. Sinus 2x65W an 8 Ohm, 2x100W an 4 Ohm nach DIN, Impulsleistung 2x190W... 
91–93 Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier AX-550   HiFi Vollverstärker. Sinus 2x 85W an 8 Ohm, 2x 140W an 4 Ohm nach DIN, Impulsleistung 2x ... 
74–78 Natural Sound FM Stereo Tuner CT-7000 [USA & Canada model]   A hi-fi FM-Stereo Tuner with an analogue dial housed in an American Walnut wooden case wit... 
04 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-E400   -  HiFi AM / FM stereo receiver -  2 x 40 W  into 6 ohms Made in Malaysia 
88 Multitrack Cassette Recorder MT1X   Mechanical Descriptions Tape : standard cassette; CrO2 tape only (EQ: 70µs) Heads : hard... 
04 Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDC-E500   -  3 disc CD player Made in Malaysia 
04 Natural Sound DVD Player DVD-S550   Yamaha Natural Sound DVD Player DVD-S550. Audio and video outputs via Scart and analog/... 
96 Multitrack Cassette Recorder MT8XII (2)   Yamaha MT8XII is a combined eight channel audio mixing console with built-in multitrack ca... 
79/80 Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier A-550   55 W Sinus at 8 Ohm;Channel inputs: tape1, tape2, tuner, phono;outputs: two switchable ste... 
96–98 Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDX-390   Aufschrift: YAMAHA Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDX-390. CD-Spieler. 18 Bit-Digitalfi... 
98 RX-495RDS   Aufschrift: YAMAHA Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-495RDS. 


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