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History of the manufacturer  

Magnecord, Inc. (Magnecorder); Chicago (IL)

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Name: Magnecord, Inc. (Magnecorder); Chicago (IL)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: magnecord
Products: Model types Others

Magnecord Inc.; 1101 S. Kilbourn Ave., Chicago 24, Illinois (~1950).

On other addresses the company has outgrown the 63d st. location with 2,000 square feet. It is now housed at 225 W. Ohio st. with 9,000 square feet.

Founded: 1946
From "Magnecord, Inc., is operating under a license from the Armour Research Foundation along with 30 other licensees. But the other licenses are devoting themselves to mass-produced wire recorders for home and office use, while these boys are looking toward demands from the technical and professional field. Their rcorder is designed for special, high-grade work, such as recording unusual sound phenomena in research laboratories."

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  56 F35-B   8 Watt output playback amplifier. 
USA  56 S35-B   Same as the model F35-B, but with synchronous motor. 
USA  56 S36-BX   Designed for rack or cabinet mounting. 
USA  56 M90-AC   Professional recorder, 3 heads for simultaneous playback. 
USA  50 Magnecorder (audio mixer) PT6-IM4   Audio mixer with four XLR inputs, four rotating knobs, for use with the PT6 system. 
USA  58 Magnecorder PT 6-J 12AU7  The Magnecord model PT6-6A tape recorder is designed for use with the "Magnecord" ... 
USA  50 PT6-AH 12AU7  Open reel monaural recorder for use with the PT6-J amplifier, 7.5 ips and 15 ips two speed... 
USA  50 Magnecorder PT-6R 5879  50 to 15 kHz amplifier, one VU meter, includes power supply for the PT6-AH tape recorder. 
USA  55 M-34   Magnecorder M-34; Reel-reel tape recorder, 2 track, monaural, 60 Hz mains only, uses the M... 
USA  52–55 M-33   Magnecorder M 33; Reel-reel tape recorder, 2 track, monaural, 60 Hz mains only, with built... 
USA  52–55 M-30   Magnecorder M 30; Reel-reel tape recorder, 2 track, monaural, 60 Hz mains only, with built... 
USA  59 100-B 12AX7  The Magnecord Model 100-B is an AC operated tape recorder with blonde cabinet. 


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