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History of the manufacturer  

Afco Electronics, Oakland, CA

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Name: Afco Electronics, Oakland, CA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: afco
Products: Model types Others

Afco Electronics, 471 Roland Way, Oakland CA 94621, USA.

Founded: 1937
AFCO was founded in 1937 by Abe Ferer. After World War II, AFCO began trading excess cloth rag material and used clothing from Oakland, California to post-war Japan. Japan needed clothing and the rag material to make paper to re-build the walls of their destroyed homes. Without a solid monetary foundation, the Japanese traders offered unique electronics made from the newly invented transistor. Transistor radios became AFCO's first consumer electronics product from Japan, and AFCO became AFCO Electronics. Erwin, Abe’s son, educated at University of the Pacific as an electrical engineer, joined the business in the 1950's. He, along with his brother-in-law, Alfee Gross, expanded the offerings in the 1950’s and 1960’s to include radio and television products and then CB radios and car accessories and acted as a distributor to Wal-Mart, Grand Auto, Kragen Auto, K-mart and many others. In 1959, when Japan's Panasonic brand entered the US market, the principals of Matsushita Electric Corporation sought AFCO to become one of their first distributors. AFCO continued to grow in the 1970s and beyond and added other brands, including AFCO designs. In the late 1970s, the third generation of Abe Ferer's family joined AFCO. Sandy Gross, Alfee's son and Erwin's nephew, began working in the AFCO warehouse while attending University of California, Berkeley. After graduating Sandy joined the company full-time and eventually became President. And today, Sandy’s children pitch in to process orders and answer phones during school breaks, bringing the fourth generation of the AFCO family onto the team.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  65 All Transistor Tape Recorder SSS-501   See similar tape recorders with different brands and the same model number Made in Japan 
USA  60 Transistor-6 TR180?   Similar outside and inside to the model TR-180. Made in Japan 
USA  65 10 Transistor Super De Luxe   Made in Hong Kong 
USA  61 Sabre    
USA  62 8-Transistor MTR-831   AFCO 8-Transistor MTR-831; 
USA  62 De luxe 8 Transistor    
USA  68 5 Transistor Transceiver WT-5A   AFCO WT-5A, 5 Transistor Transceiver; (CB - 27 MHz). 
USA  63 Transistor Six 6T-330   Afco 6T-330, Transistor Six; White/ivory cabinet, metal speaker grill, transparent top fr... 
USA  63 Hi-Fi 10 Transistors MTR-106   Similar to other models listed under Nipco 10 Transistors 
USA  65 De Luxe - 6 Transistor 604   Afco 6 Transistor 604; Earphones jack. 
USA  68 6 Transistor   Afco AM Pocket Radio Model 6 Transistor. Made in Japan 
USA  68 6 Transistor MTR-633   Afco 6-Transistor AM Pocket Radio Model MTR-633. Frequency Range AM 535 - 1605 kHz. ... 


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