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History of the manufacturer  

Midland International Corporation, Midland Electronics Company; Kansas City, KS, MO

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Name: Midland International Corporation, Midland Electronics Company; Kansas City, KS, MO    (USA)  
Abbreviation: midlandint
Products: Model types
Midland International Corporation; (Communications Devision), Mission Woods, Kansas, Missouri; Manufacturer of CB and Radio Equipment, also other (far east imported?) consumer electronic devices under the label "Midland International" and "HI-Lite" known.

Known in 1973 advertising as "Midland Electronics Company" and was located in Kansas City, MO. They were manufacturing a line of amateur radio transceivers.

In 2007 activ company (Midland Radio Corporation), see, Labels: "Midland" + "Alan".


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  75 1 Watt Transceiver 13-701   Handheld  2 channel 27 MHz citizen band tranceiver. With volume and squelch. Telescop... 
USA  81 UHF Transceiver 70-250B   UHF hand-held portable, 4W RF output, 4 channels (crystal) from 450-470 MHz. Batte... 
USA  69 CB Synthesized Transceiver 13-790   Midland 13-790 is a portable 5 W, 23-Channel Citizen Band Synthesized Transceiver. Acce... 
USA  75 Portable Cassette Recorder 12-114C    
USA  70 Midland 500 Twelve Transistor 10-500   Band Frequency Range Long Wave 200 - 400 KHz B... 
USA  69 10-326    
USA  68 10 Transistor Police Band 10-405 (Japan 902)   Made in Japan 902 
USA  65 Ten Transistor 10-150    
USA  82 EPROM module Z-273   Eprom module for Syntech-I models 
USA  88 Encoder/Decoder CTCSS 70-2102C-7   CTCSS encoder/decoder for Sintech-I Models. Include inversion code scrambler 
USA  88 Encoder/Decoder CTCSS 70-2102C   CTCSS encoder/decoder for Sintech-I Models. 
USA  94 CTCSS encoder/decoder 70-2157   CTCSS encoder/decoder for Syntech-II models. 


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Midland Electronics Company slogan from January 1973 QST advertisementtbn_midland_slogan_pic1.jpg