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History of the manufacturer  

Peerless (brand - far east tube and transistor products)

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Name: Peerless (brand - far east tube and transistor products)    (ZZ)  
Abbreviation: peerless
Products: Model types

Peerless brand models were made in Hong Kong, Japan, possibly also other countries.

In the USA those models were sold by Peerless Telerad, Inc., New York.


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
ZZ  70 Navigator Direction Finder DF-1800 (Japan 217)   External rotary ferrite rod antenna. Made in Japan 217 
ZZ  56 OPR-300    
ZZ  64 Peerless 8 2SA49  AM only. Two earphone jacks. Lattice grill design. Civil Defense marks on station dial. ... 
ZZ  70 Solid State 10 Transistor SST-1015   Made in Japan 
ZZ  70 The "VIP" Radio NPR-100 (Japan 509)   Made in Japan 509 
ZZ  65 Solid State 870   Made in Hong Kong. 
ZZ  65 10-Transistor AM-MB-SW Receiver 1033   3 Bands: 10-Transistor AM-MB-SW Receiver = AM (540 - 1620 kc), Marine (1.5 - 3.8... 
ZZ  53 BX-110 1R5  See also model Silver BX-110. 
ZZ  65 Eight Transistor 830 2SA142  Peerless, Eight Transistor model 830 Vertical, pocket sized. AM only. CD Marks, see the... 
ZZ  70 Diplomat Desk Set Radio DR-500 2SC829  Peerless Solid State AM/FM AFC Desk Set Radio Diplomat. Made in Japan. 
ZZ  70 Radiolamp RL-28   Peerless RL-28 is a Bedside Lamp with built-in 8 Transistor AM Radio. Bulb: US 1003, 12... 
ZZ  99 Doublet with ID=265980   Peerless RL-28 is a Bedside Lamp with built-in 8 Transistor AM Radio. Bulb: US 1003... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

USA retailer catalog ca. 1964, page with Peerless modelstbn_peerless_catalog_1964ca.jpg
USA retailer catalog ca. 1966, page with Peerless modelstbn_peerless_catalog_1966ca.jpg