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1 146 449 Model Pictures - out of 2 465 252 total, including 947 808 Schematics

Albert Weiss, Heiko zur Mühlen (in German only) and Mike Edwards (English) act as picture administrators. They will check your pictures and once approved, will add them to the database. They can also delete radio pictures or radio photos if necessary and can also reorganize the pictures for each model. If you have any questions about your radio pictures you will find the administrator's e-mail addresses in the list of «Radio collectors». Please notify us if you find misplaced pictures or photos, etc. Guests can use the CONTACT FORM. Please state reason and the model ID (left of the pictures on the model page).

The following collectors have uploaded the most radio pictures.

The 20 most active model picture uploaders

  1. Sandor Selyem-Tóth, Hungary   (62760)   04.Dec.2021
  2. Member from Austria   (48172)   25.May.2021
  3. Franz Scharner, Austria   (32015)   14.Sep.2017
  4. Ernst Erb, Switzerland   (31051)   16.Oct.2021
  5. Alan Larsen, United States of America (USA)   (22861)   25.Nov.2021
  6. Gottfried Silberhorn, Germany   (20695)   05.Dec.2021
  7. Howard Craven, Great Britain (UK)   (18925)   03.Dec.2021
  8. Jürgen Küting, Germany   (18172)   05.Dec.2021
  9. Mark Hippenstiel, Germany   (18046)   20.Nov.2021
  10. Edoardo Sigismondo, Italy   (16079)   30.Jun.2019
  11. Peter Roggenhofer † 25.4.18, Austria   (15961)   12.Nov.2017
  12. Noemi Erb, Germany   (12886)   29.Sep.2018
  13. Aldo Andreani, Italy   (12876)   05.Dec.2021
  14. Hans Amberger, Germany   (11983)   26.Oct.2021
  15. Karlheinz Fischer, Germany   (11402)   06.Jun.2021
  16. Timo Rantasaari, Finland   (11290)   05.Sep.2020
  17. Hinrich Grensemann † 15.5.16, Germany   (10337)   13.Oct.2015
  18. John Kusching, United States of America (USA)   (8970)   17.Jul.2018
  19. Hans-Werner Ellerbrock, Germany   (8733)   03.Dec.2021
  20. Wolfgang Lill, Germany   (8347)   19.Nov.2021
Please help us to display at least one radio picture per radio model by uploading pictures of the radios and other related gear in your collection. Radio pictures are essential for finding the right model if a set has no data.

You may also upload your own radio photos even if you already see many pictures on a model page. You automatically get your own radio collection page by doing this. Try to get your pictures in a size of 933 pixels and crop any extraneous background. Reduce your file size by reducing "JPG image quality" if the size is more than 180 KB (preferably around 120 KB).

Uploading is easy if you click the blue info buttons and read this article on how to process radio pictures first.