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270 833 collector prices uploaded

These radio collecting members of registered most collector's prices since mid-May, 2003.
Albert Weiss, Austria is the model price admin. Since only members can see this, here his e-mail address:

We thank all members who have uploaded collector prices to models - and of course especially the top ones who you see on this list:

The most active uploaders of prices:

  1. Martin Steyer, Germany   (28062)   05.Dec.2021
  2. Lindsay Shepherd, Australia   (16390)   30.Nov.2021
  3. Dieter Michel, Germany   (14936)   29.May.2020
  4. Hans-Friedrich Völkening † 22.3.16, Switzerland   (13217)   07.Jun.2015
  5. Klaus Gordziel, Germany   (13033)   11.Feb.2021
  6. Tomasz Szczesniak, Poland   (10551)   27.Jul.2020
  7. Klaus Ortwein, Germany   (10537)   08.Jun.2018
  8. Hans-Dieter Haase † 5.2.18, Germany   (10002)   26.Feb.2015
  9. Member from Austria   (9918)   08.Jul.2015
  10. Stefan Weigelt, Germany   (8540)   05.Oct.2017
  11. Member from Germany   (5833)   05.Dec.2021
  12. Wolfgang Lill, Germany   (5015)   27.Oct.2021
  13. Friedrich Weber † 12.09.2014, Germany   (4704)   29.Jul.2014
  14. Günther Stabe † 19.8.20, Germany   (4381)   16.Jul.2020
  15. Bernd P. Kieck, Germany   (4344)   22.Jun.2016
  16. Frithjof Grassmann, Germany   (4215)   02.Oct.2021
  17. Christoph Heinzl, Germany   (2798)   05.Dec.2021
  18. Bernhard Nagel, Germany   (2655)   27.Nov.2021
  19. Heino Stell, Germany   (2534)   13.Nov.2021
  20. Pietro Gallia, Italy   (2153)   12.Jul.2010
The more prices you find on a model page the more assurance you have that these prices truly reflect the market. With sufficient price uploads for a model over a longer period it is possible to judge the dynamic trend for a given model.

We therefore beg you to upload prices, but at the same time that you do it seriously. Only after an actual sale can prices be considered valid, not just offering prices. Please never upload unaccepted offers.

If you are interested in prices, please click the blue info button.

Please help us to display as many current collector's prices for old radios as possible. We recommend that you write to us if you would like to regularly upload collector's prices of radio sales. We could suggest some sources. Thanks.