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968 556 Schematics for Antique Radios

Schematics for Radio Collectors.
Our "Thank You" to the most active uploaders of schematics for antique radios and historic radios.

The most active uploaders for schematics

  1. Dirk Taekels, Belgium   (153652)   19.Jun.2022
  2. John Kusching, United States of America (USA)   (126212)   04.Jul.2021
  3. Egon Penker, Austria   (124185)   29.May.2011
  4. Member from Spain   (34055)   26.Jun.2022
  5. Josef Pilz, Germany   (32269)   22.Apr.2022
  6. Arpad Roth † 27.3.17, Austria   (24429)   21.Mar.2017
  7. Heiko zur Mühlen, Germany   (21330)   09.Jun.2022
  8. Member from Germany   (18054)   02.Jan.2017
  9. Peter Hoddow, Germany   (15162)   20.Sep.2015
  10. Hans-Joachim Korn † 16.11.15, Germany   (14696)   21.Oct.2014
  11. Walter Wiesmüller † May 2012, Germany   (14691)   10.Nov.2010
  12. Eduard Abfalterer, Italy   (14091)   14.May.2018
  13. Wolfgang Bauer, Austria   (14057)   14.May.2021
  14. Ernst Erb, Switzerland   (13756)   31.Jan.2022
  15. Heribert Jung, Germany   (12942)   01.Jun.2022
  16. Member from Switzerland   (12020)   15.Jun.2022
  17. Rolf Hülnhagen, Germany   (11428)   11.Mar.2017
  18. Friedrich Weber † 12.09.2014, Germany   (10238)   05.Jul.2014
  19. Howard Craven, Great Britain (UK)   (9071)   19.Jan.2022
  20. Wolfgang MICHAEL, Germany   (8036)   10.Nov.2013
Heribert Jung (D) is the schematic admin.
See the contact addresses by clicking the link "Collectors". This is public and therefore no addresses will be shown here.
These Admins will gladly help you if you can't follow the instructions given in the FAQ. Here you find an example of instructions for Irfanview and Photoshop.

Below you will find a list of the top members for requested schematics. Searching for wanted individual schematics for antique radios and historic radios is tedious work and one may not easily achieve fast results. It is direct assistance for other members.

The most active uploaders for wanted schematics

  1. Arpad Roth † 27.3.17, Austria   (1763)   05.Mar.2017
  2. Heribert Jung, Germany   (608)   21.Jun.2022
  3. Jürgen Küting, Germany   (369)   31.Aug.2020
  4. Pius Steiner, Switzerland   (192)   27.Mar.2022
  5. Bernhard Sacherer, Austria   (182)   12.Jun.2018
  6. Franz-Josef Haffner, Germany   (171)   04.Sep.2012
  7. Wolfgang Bauer, Austria   (156)   04.Apr.2019
  8. Walter Haring, Switzerland   (137)   16.Jan.2017
  9. Hinrich Grensemann † 15.5.16, Germany   (118)   01.Sep.2007
  10. Walter Wiesmüller † May 2012, Germany   (118)   27.Jan.2008
  11. Robert Schmalstieg, Germany   (117)   26.Dec.2008
  12. Giuseppe Antonio Tusini, Italy   (108)   24.Nov.2021
  13. Josef Pilz, Germany   (98)   20.Apr.2022
  14. Member from Switzerland   (91)   15.Jun.2022
  15. Richard Winter, Germany   (75)   23.Mar.2020
  16. Gerald Lippert, Germany   (68)   20.May.2022
  17. Hugo Sneyers, Belgium   (67)   06.Jan.2022
  18. Heiko zur Mühlen, Germany   (57)   23.May.2021
  19. Wolfgang Eckardt, Germany   (51)   13.Jan.2021
  20. Luigi Zenoni, Italy   (47)   10.Sep.2011
A cordial "Thank You" to those most active members who found and uploaded requested schematics for antique radios.
Please keep in mind that it shouldn't be a one-way street if you enter a request in the "wanted list". We also need more original schematics which you may also send via other active uploaders. Can you help us with uploading? Here is the contact form.

Should you be annoyed as a guest not to be able to download schematics or large sized radio pictures then consider if you would like to have this source of information that is offering to everybody. How could one achieve this huge database with hundreds of thousands of hours of work by collectors if everybody could just take without giving? Do you have another solution?
By the way: The balance of taking and giving is very generous: 1 to 360. In other words: in return for downloading 360 schematics one has only to offer one - or to help in some other way like correcting models, adding data or models etc. - 20 different possible tasks.

Please help to fulfill the dream of having your most complete radio catalog and reference site. Thank you.