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01-Transistor Radio Manual, 1972 (print 1983)

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling Franz Harder 
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Ernst Erb
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01-Transistor Radio Manual, 1972
(2nd edition, 2nd print from 1983)

 You can click this link for a general view about this type of manuals.



This manual has been given to me in China in Spring 2010.
It has a blue cover with model Shanghai 312 (from page 238).
Title: 晶体管收音机手册 Transistor Radio Manual (晶体管 - 收音机 - 手册)

上海 (Shanghai) 交通电工器材 (Communication Equipment) 采购供应站 "purchasing supplying organisation"
(原上海人民版) =  (Former Shanghai People Edition) not sure of its meaning.
上海 科学技术 出版社 出版 "Shanghai Science Technology Publishing House, published by.
(上海 瑞金 二 路 450 号) (450 Ruijin No.2 Road, Shanghai)
新华书店 (Xinhua Bookstore) 上海 (Shanghai) 发行 所发行 上海 群众 印刷厂 印刷 Distributed by Shanghai Xinhua Bookstore Distribution Station, printed by Shanghai People's Printing Factory.
开本 787x1092 1/16 印张 22.5 字数 712,000 = Printing terms, not sure what they mean, the last number is number of characters in the book.
1981 年 4 月新1版 1983 年 8 月第 2 次印刷 = New version one (2nd Edition) in April 1981, second printing in Aug 1983.
印数 310,001-456,000 = Printing numbers from 310,001-456,000.
统一书号 15119.2134 定价 1.85 元 = Unified book number 15119.2134, price 1.85 RMB.
A copy can also be found here. The first print has the same content!
Quality of print of my manual (we used for scan) is OK, usually 2 or 3 pages per model.
Pages 257 mm wide, by 183 mm, each page carrying brand and model number!

Transistor Radios pre 1973
351 pages, landscape format with 4 paged index.
140 Index lines in the sequence of number of transistors, resulting in 155 different models.
In reality we created 162 models due to variants (e.g. Model BS-501 from 3 different manufacturers, Panda B802 and B802-1 = 6 models). In the future this can only grow by finding more variants for the same documentation (for instance by color).

3 Transistors = 24 models - all are having a reflex circuit.
4 Transistors = 25 models (17 of them reflex)..
5 Transistors = 34 models - or 36 incl. variants (BS-501 from 3 different factories), 22 reflex.
6 Transistors = 36 models plus 2 at "Special" (13 of them reflex).
7 Transistors = 12 models.
8 Transistors = 15 models plus 2 at "Special" - but 5 more by variants (B802, B802-1 = 6 x)
"Spezial" = 9 models (2 x 6 TR, 2 x 8 TR, 1 x 9 TR, 2 x 10 TR, 1 x 16 TR and 1 x 17 transistors!).
"Special" means with integrated record player or other special features - or with more than 8 transistros.
3-Transistor models are Reflex circuits and Jens Dehne was checking all - also the 4- the 5- and 6-transistor models. He found 76 reflex models - which can be found directly (by members) via the "Fully detailled Model Search".
For 31 models, the manual does not conatain a picture, but we found some from other sources and will slowly fill them up by members.


Work carried out
Paul Fok gave me the first names of manufacturers in my hotel, still in Hong Kong. I added the models in May 2010, following the scans and uploads. Most of the scans was done by my daughter Monique.
Dates of early transistors etc. I gave to Günther Stabe, who created the new types, enabling me to select them for entering the models. He is our semi conductor specialist.

Reference literature name on model pages:
01-Transistor Radio Manual 1972, 2nd Ed. 2nd Print 1983 (page 226.).
Year used when not known (almost all of them): 1966??
In fact they are between 1958 and 1971 or 1972.
The "Fully detailled Model Search" (for members only) is responding with 162 models if this reference is selected.  

Picture legend for uploaded pictures:
From the Transistor Radio Manual 1972, 2nd print 1983, Shanghai Scientific Techn. Publisher. Important picture for comparison with later uploaded photos (if they are placed to the right model).
Unfortunately I added the year 1972 only at the last ones.
Reference model:
Xiangyanghua 向阳花 3SK1
If new pictures have been added, you have to select the reference picture to this manual.

Schematic Finder: (accessible for members only)
PRC: 01-Transistor Radio Manual 1972, print 1983
Complete with 148 models July 20, 2010 - Entrance "1" for set and "1972" for year.

The following 31 pictures are missing in the manual - but some pictures we already added:
Dongfanghong 69-1
DongFeng 67-5A
Feiyue JK25-C
Hongzhuangge 152
Zhonghua 109
Zhujiang SB8-1
Huangshan 66-10-B
Xiangyanghua 3SK1, 8JS1, 8JS1, 4JS1 and 4JS2.
Huojiu 401
Jinggangshan 601-A
Xiongmao B702
Red STar 301 and 403
Zhongshan J302
Feile 2J4-2
Honggi 100, 210A, 28A, 28B, 601and 802.
Xiangyang 612-1
Gongnongbing 301 and 601 [Tianjin]
Changcheng B41 and B43
Dongfeng 501

No pendencies!

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