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11-Radio Manual 1965 (No.2, green, 220 pages)

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling Franz Harder 
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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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11-Radio Manual 1965
(No.2, green, 220 pages)

 You can click this link for a general view about this type of manuals.

Our member Taili Zhang, Beijing (ZTL), has scanned this catalog in 2006, resulting in a file of 280 MB. July 13, 2010 he has given his PDF to me for uploading at RMorg. Thank you, dear Taili for your great help also besides this after we met in Beijing this Spring. Only with the help of you and your Chinese radio friends I was able to try to give some return for your great hospitality and friendship I received.

This radio manual with our number 11, 收音机手册(2) was published in June 1965 but the preface is from April 1, 1965. It shows 220 pages of best scanned quality. It is the first print of 40 000 books and shows models from between 1958 to 1963.

You can use the attachment to read this index.


Mainly Tube Radios from about 23 different brands. They are about from 1959 up to about season 1963/64.
Index page beginning with models 2J1, 2P1, 2Y-2070. Contains photos, schematics, data etc. for 65 entries in the single index page which represents about 111 different models. The last two models are BS-1 and 4071 - without brand name. Only for the models 621 and 621-1 this manual does not show a picture.
Interesting are the pretty transistor receivers like the Peony 牡丹 2401 with only two transistors or the 3 transistor radios like BS-1 (I could not figure out a brand), Lingyang 羚羊 310-1 with 6 different cabinets (I wonder if they all are called the same?) and Feilo 飞乐 2P1. They all are TRFs, not superhets - like this American DeWald L-414. But there is also the other extreme like this Panda 熊猫 1502 and Panda 1501, both with 15 tubes or the table radio Panda 熊猫 1401 with 14 tubes.

Work carried out
We had to get the PDF's first into single PDS, then change these to PNGs by starting with the right number for automatic numbering according to the pages, then we got rid of "grey noise". For upload we had to change name according to model, rotate the PNG backwards into portrait format. Then I had to figure out the brand names and the manufacturer names (where possible). Next step was to create the models and to see that we don't generate doublets. We extract the pictures and load up pictures and schematics - with references. Then we load up the schematics.

eference literature name on model pages:
11-Radio manual (green 2) 1965, with 220 pages.

Picture legend for uploaded pictures:
Picture from PRC: 11-Radio manual (green 2) 1965, with 220 pages, page ..??.., as a reference when somebody is uploading real photos - and as reference for collectors, comparing models.
Reference model: Chahua 茶花 GS-1
If new pictures have been added, you have to select the reference picture to this manual if you want to compare if it is for the correct model.
Without knowing the year for a model we use for this manual 1960 ?? since the models start about 1959 and the latest models will be around 1963.

Schematic Finder: (accessible for members only)
PRC: 11-Radio Manual 1965 (No.2, green, 220 pages)


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