506 and 506K tubes

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Jean-Pierre Waymel
Jean-Pierre Waymel
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13.Jul.09 18:49

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Information about the differences between a 506 and a 506K.

I think that there are also two different sizes (height) but I don't know if there is any correlation between the size and the letter K.

It's important for instance in the Philips 2514 model which needs the smaller (height) tube !

I also sent this info to the Tube page (Typical circuit).


Wolfgang Holtmann
Wolfgang Holtmann
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13.Jul.09 23:26

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Hello Jean-Pierre

The letter K stands for "kort" in the Dutch language, which means short.

The right hand drawing of a "typical application" for the 506K is not correct!
As you can see on the tube pictures, all of them are directly heated! No additional cathode present.

Kind regards.