6e5s (6e5s) Heathkit IT-17 emissions tester settings

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6e5s (6e5s) Heathkit IT-17 emissions tester settings 
02.May.12 01:13

Paul E. Pinyot † 2013 (USA)
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Paul E. Pinyot  † 2013

Tube tester setting derived from cross referencing pin diagrams and experimentation:

Tube   Type   Fil  Plate   Top (T)  Bottom (B)

6E5C     2      6.3    30      CE        GH       Normal Short (Bold) not idetified

6E5C     4      6.3       0     F          CEGH   OPEN when Test Switch Activated

6E5C     4       6.3     0     CF         ECH     Closed when Test Switch Activated.

I do not know what Bottom (B) toggle switches normally show short when toggled.  These are normally indicated by BOLD lettering.

These will possibly work with IT-21, IT-3117 and TC-3

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