6K7 (6K7)

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Jan Terranea
Jan Terranea
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11.Oct.10 14:56

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Looking at the data about the 6K7 tube I saw the VT100 GB mentioned as an equivalent.

This VT100 GB stands for a Valve Transmitting and it is a triode, similair to the HL1320.

The British military equivalent of 6K7 is CV1942, according to the British CV-register.

My proposal is to correct the data.

Regards, Jan Terranea.

Roy Johnson
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11.Oct.10 17:39

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Thank you, Jan.

There were a number of problems here!  I have, hopefully corrected most.

The VT100 was a telephony tube close to the CV1670, HL1320, HL13C

The VT100_GB is now renamed to VT100.  The convention we adopted was to use the suffix for the more uncommon tubes - in this case the TekaDe VT100.

There are sometimes 3 or 4 with the same apparent name.  We separate the USA VT types by the hyphen - so the VT-100 is the 807.

I write this for the benefit of other readers as I know that you are more than fully aware!

Thanks again for the helpful comments, there are still many errors which I come across and we shall slowly get a more accurate data base. Unfortunately there are errors in some of the original documents used and in the interpretation of later ones.  Great care is needed and whenever possible reference to manufacturers' data is used.