a wrong datasheet for the 6I1P

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Yves Barbin
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05.Dec.18 12:47

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I may be afraid that Hans Jürgen Heider has uploaded a wrong page for the 6I1P data sheet.

The 6I1P is a triode heptode, whereas the loaded datasheet corresponds to a single penthode.

Besides, the cyrillic name of the documented valve does not correspond with

the cyrillic writing of 6I1P.

The 6I1P corresponds to the famous ECH81,

whereas the loaded datasheet is for the spelled 6SH1P which is close to the 6AK5 or EF95


The right datasheet is on Franck's page

Sorry about that

Have a nice day



Otmar Jung
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05.Dec.18 12:58

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Thank you Yves.

I have moved the data sheet to the right tube page.