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technifran: About the TR88 Schematic

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Yves Barbin
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27.Nov.18 11:10

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1/ I believe there is a mistake on the schematic N°1067 for the collector circuit of the mixer (MIX) transistor AF114.

The resistor 470 Ohms, below the first IF transformer should be connected to the -8V line, and not to the ground.

2/ In  the first audio stage (BF1), for the polarisation of the Base of first OC75 transistor,

the resistors forming the polarisation bridge should be 56k and 10k, instead of 5,6k and 10k.

3/ one further information about TR88: on some model, the AF114 was replaced by AF102.

Was this depending on availability?

Rudolf Drabek
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29.Oct.19 20:12
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You are right. The AF114 has no supply voltage. May be an Admin reads this thread and will correct it.

Interesting the drawing of a transistor. Also the mix AF114 with OC45 is remarkable. Never seen to date.

Heribert Jung
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29.Oct.19 21:32
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Hi Yves Barbin,
please correct the error with red lines and write date and your name under the schema. Next please upload the correct schema with new name f_technifrance_tr88_corr_sch.png.

Heribert Jung

Heribert Jung
D  Articles: 881
Schem.: 11917
Pict.: 5114
04.Nov.19 14:26

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Hi Yves Barbin,
I did the correction. The corret schema is now on top.

Heribert Jung