braun: RC55UK (RC 55 UK);

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Georges Van Campenhout
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31.Jul.05 20:50

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   1 This chassis was given to me to dismantle.
As you can see all tubes and the scale are missing. I would like to know in what complete set of BRAUN it has been used. Can anyone help?

Best regards.
Maurice Hamm
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30.Oct.05 11:38

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I just got this radio.

This chassis was mounted in the Braun 77 UKW.
The schematics underneath in the radio is stamed as Super RC 60.
The chassis is stamed RC55UK.

Tubes ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EM80.

More info? Let me know
Bruno Brasseur
Bruno Brasseur
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22.Dec.05 23:36

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   3 I was myself looking for a technical documentation for this radio.
I can say to George Van Campenhout that his collegue Willy Van Calster has one (radiomuseum of Olen, Belgium).
Bruno Brasseur.
Mario Coelho
Mario Coelho
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27.Dec.05 01:28

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   4 Dear Friends

A friend gave me one schematic from a Braun Super RC 60.

On it  is typewriting also RC 55 AUK.

May be it is similar.

I'm going to upload this new model and afterwards I'll send the schematic.



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