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Calculation Of The Properties of Practical Triodes

Ernst Erb Otmar Jung 
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Papers » Tubes and valves (history, technique etc.) » Calculation Of The Properties of Practical Triodes
Jochen Bauer
Jochen Bauer
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06.Mar.13 20:19

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The behavior of conventional triodes with helix-shaped grid wires has been extensively treated in the literature on vacuum tube theory. Using several simplifications, in particular pertaining to the influence the grid has on the cathode, the plate current of a triode as a function of the grid and plate voltages can be derived from the laws of motion of electrons in electric fields. The application of the results obtained under these simplifications to practical vacuum tubes however is often problematic. In the paper presented here, an empirically motivated simple modification to the plate current function is presented making the resulting function and the expressions for the triode's transconductance and plate resistance derived from it more applicable to practical vacuum tubes. Usage examples of this modified plate current function along with a discussion of it's accuracy are given for the 12AX7 (ECC83) audio frequency triode.