CAPELLO - Radio manufacturer Capello from Poland

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CAPELLO - Radio manufacturer Capello from Poland 
31.Oct.03 12:15

Henryk Berezowski (PL)
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Henryk Berezowski


The company was set up in 1935 in Welnowiec (then a satellite town of Katowice,
today a district of the city) at 12 Piastow Street.
The company was owned by Kapellner brothers - Adolf, Ignacy and Eryk.
The company ran a production facility that assembled Austrian-made radio receivers.
At the startup of operations, the company established partnership with Radiowerk Horny - Wien and a year later with another Vienna-based company - Radiofabrik Ingelen.
The production was confined to final assembly of superhets only but the sets were of high quality. Ingelen produced chassis according to its own design, but circuits were different from original Ingelen; boxes and speakers were from Poland.
In 1938, the company had 60 factory and 9 office workers on its payroll.
The outbreak of WWII forced the company's closure. 

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