admiral: Correct Schematic for models 5J2 etc

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admiral: Correct Schematic for models 5J2 etc 
15.Jun.19 22:58

Michael Saija (USA)
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The Sams photofact with 136-2 on it at first glance on the screen looks like the 50L6 has a #1 pin connection however when enlarged/ printed it is an 8.  The other schematics on the various iistings here have a #1 when enlarged or printed out.  Also this schematic has the correct and easier to understand boxed in area for C7/R5 which is a combined Capacitor and resistor that looks like a 2x3 cm square flat capacitor.  The boxed in area with it's individual parts diagrammed out allowed me to easily replace the combined part with 5 different resistors and capacitors .

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