Description of Larsen’s business, June 1939.

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Gary Cowans
Gary Cowans
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The side-shows at the Waikato Winter Show are attracting crowds of merry people, young and old, who are in for the fun of the fair. The music of merry-go-rounds and the general noise of happy crowds makes speaking difficult to hear.
One enterprising side-show commissioned Larsen’s Radio Service to build a public address system, whereby the attractions of their entertainment could be explained without shouting to the crowds.

Larsen's Radio Service installs public address systems for every occasion, all outdoor sports, dances, parties. etc. Here, also, is where you can get a faithful reproduction of your voice, your favorite musical number, etc. Yes. the records are made by Mr. Larsen in his workshop in Railway Buildings and can be played over on your own gramophone - what better gift to a friend than your own recording.

Mr. Larsen is perhaps best known for his Radio Service. All makes of radios are faithfully and economically repaired or overhauled. If your set has lost its punch or does not seem to be playing to your satisfaction ring 3514 and Mr. Larsen will collect it, repair it and return it at very short notice. Only competent radiotricians are employed by this firm, and every job is guaranteed.

Don’t forget the name. Larsen’s Radio Service.

 Waikato Times 3 June 1939, Page 9.