videoton: Differences between R736F and R736 devices

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József Vári
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31.May.21 09:44
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   According to contemporary factory documentation the R736F type appliance for export was fitted with an autotransformer (Spartrafo) and a ferrite antenna.

The wiring diagram of the R736 devices sold on the domestic market are identical to those of the R736A however, externally, these look the same as R736F.

Wolfgang Bauer
Wolfgang Bauer
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01.Jun.21 09:57
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Dear Mr. Vári,

You are right, only the first 4 pictures show the R-736F.
All other pictures show the model R-736 without ferrite antenna.
This model has not yet been created in the RMorg.

The RMorg has also the Fehérvár R-736A model with a timer, but the UY1N tube is missing on the model side.

Regards WB.