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EL3 and EL3N

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Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
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20.Mar.06 05:03

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   1 Respected tubes specialist,

Do you can comment the differences between the EL3 and the EL3N tubes? 

It is significant the difference to replace an EL3 by an EL3N instead of another EL3? 

Thanks in advance,
Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22
Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22
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20.Mar.06 17:16

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 Caro amico Bruno,

According to the Funke RPG model W19 test data cards on sheet 0225, the EL3 and EL3N are equivalent. The primary difference is essentially between the shape and dimension of the tube envelopes. Both tubes have the 6.3 volt heaters and 0.9A current.

For the possible use in the model 360A, either tube will suffice, unless there are dimensional limitations for the tube.

a piu tarde,
Jacob Roschy
Jacob Roschy
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20.Mar.06 22:06

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Hello Bruno,

the EL3N is the replacement for the older and original EL3.

Aside the bulb, the difference between them is the reduced heater current of 0.9 A by the EL3N compared with 1.2 A by the EL3, as a result of a higher efficient cathode.

Due to negligence some later specimens were designated as EL3, although they were actually EL3Ns by their construction and data.


See more about EL3 and EL3N in  4


Best Regards


Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
RCH  Articles: 130
Schem.: 58
Pict.: 504
22.Mar.06 01:12

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   4 Caro amico Roberto,

Thanks by your comments and aid to obtain the NOS EL3N for the Cathedral Philips 360A.  As you know I am seeking two EF5 to initiate the restoration. 

Hello Jacob,

I have seen in the market that the EL3 and the EL3N are offered indistinctly. Now I know that they are not exactly equivalent.   
Congratulations by The Philips Red valves series.  They are three very stimulating articles.  Thanks by your comment. 

Best regards,