EM11 (EM11)

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EM11 (EM11) 
26.Jan.09 02:14

Jeffrey Angus (USA)
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I decided I need to be able to test the EM11 tube occasionally. Of course, there isn't a socket for that on the various American tube testers I own. So I did a one-for-one pin adaptor from the socket for the eM11 to an Octal plug. Using a Precision 10-12 (0r 10-54) tube tester the settings are:

A - 1, B - 5, C - 0, D - 0, E - 7. Set All levers to Normal except Y - 4 then Test with either Y - 1 or Y - 8 for the target when pressing the TEST button. Of the three I have, one is NOS and tests good. The two used ones were very dim and completely dark. At least i know which ones are which now.



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