fada: Fada Bullet 1000; tube lineup mystery

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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014
Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014
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13.Feb.06 13:43

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   1 This only concerns the postwar Type 1000 with 6 tube chassis, not the Type 115 prewar 5 tube Bullets.
Although there is no manufacturers indication at the model name Type 1000 there are variants in the tube lineup.
That was clearly factory made, since different socket combinations were used.
Up to now I found the following variations:    

#1) Octal bases: 12SK7, 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 35L6GT, 35Z5GT; backplate in accordance. This could be the initial version.    

#2) Miniature bases: 12BA6, 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AT6, 35L6, 35W4; printed on backplate. not in accordance with the real assembly (see #3).    

#3) Mixed bases: 12BA6, 12BE6, 12SK7(GT), 12AT6, 35L5, 35W4; not printed anywhere. The IF tube in of an Octal type rather than a Miniature base (as printed on the backplate), which is in contradiction to the backplate (see #2).    

#4) there is an almost similar chassis in the Model 700 with probably exactly the same mechanical layout (dial and knobs apparently located as on the 1000): 12BA6, 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AT6, 35B5, 35W4; but the Power tube has completely different base connections (is not easily replaced by a 35L5). I think this chassis would match the Bullet case. 

The problem is that there is not the least hint from the front and side view which variant might hide behind the Catalin body.

Riders Perpetual as well as Beitman both show only #1 above.  

All owners of a Bullet 1000 are kindly asked to check the tube lineup and the backplate caption (this for the tubes and the Model name as well) and report either here or by eMail. Also if there is a SW band, and if so, is it marked on the dial?

Strange enough: It is my impression that Catalin collectors are generally not interested in the interna of their valuable sets. All the Catalin radio literature I have seen is ignorant in this respect...funny!
You may find everything about colors, dials, knobs, but nothing about Tubes, principle, wave bands, supply, speaker...!

I really hope with YOUR help to bring some light into that matter.Any information is appreciated
Thank You!

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Mario Coelho
Mario Coelho
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13.Feb.06 22:34

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 Dear Herr Konrad,

Thank You for your article.

My Fada 1000 is according your reference 2# because the tube's serial is as shown in this photo below.

But tubes inserted on set don't differ from its plan below.
This set may be a 2#(a) version . Do You agree?

Tube sockets are riveted on chassis by manufacturer.
Dial:  165-53 kilocicles; 550-185 meters.
This set has also SW, but I think it was submited to a barbarous act of upgrading :-). I've to remove it to replace its genuinity.

Meanwhile I noticed that a new Fada Bullet's  page (12BA6) was created in Rmorg.
That means that my Fada is now in the wrong place.
 How can I correct it?

Best Regards
Mário Coelho

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Gary Johnson
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08.Sep.14 06:13

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I am restoring a 1000 that has the following tubes: 12BE6, 12BE6, 12SK7GT, 12AT6, 35W4, 50B5.  The RF tube 12BE6 works as a substitute for the 12BA6 with no issues.  The 50B5 beam power tube is not seen in any of the other listings.  The diagram on the back cover has the miniature tube lineup except for the 35L6GT beam power tube.  I just re-cap'ed this radio and it plays just fine.  Very strange.  No chassis or serial numbers on these radios?