grundig: 8058; Majestic

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Don Jaksa
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03.Mar.12 01:15

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After a full restoration, my 8058 sounds beautiful, plenty of power and Hi-Fi Klang

The tuner comes in super loud with plenty of headroom volume

The record changer is not as loud as the tuner but is good enough


I made up a 3-pin connector for the tape I/O

Center pin is GND

Other two pins are input and output

The cable Ohm'ed out clean

Connecting any input (CD, tape) and pressing the TR key, the sound is low power and needs alot of volume. There is volume but it just isn't what I expect


Could someone please describe the circuit for the TAPE input? 

Any ideas as to why this might occur and suggestions for a cure would be greatly appreicated

Don in Scottsdale, Az

Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Albrecht
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04.Mar.12 17:29

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Checking the schematic, it looks like pin 3 of the tape I/O socket is where you should connect your audio source.  Pin 1 is the tape output.  Have you wired it this way?

On pin 3, a typical line-level (~ 0.5 volt RMS) audio signal should work.

If this does not work, you might check whether contacts 12 and 13 (as shown on the Sams schematic, the first one attached to the model page) are closing properly when you push the "TR" switch.

If you find it difficult to trace the switch wiring (it is complicated!), see if you can find the 0.022 uF capacitor wired to pin 7 of hte ECC81/12AT7 tube.  Connecting your audio here (to the side away from the tube) should work, and should be equivalent to connecting to the tape input with "TR" pressed.  If it works when you connect to the capacitor, but not at the input, it would suggest the switch contact is bad.  Spraying some contact cleaner, such as DeOxit into this switch, and pressing/unpressing this switch many times may solve the problem. 

Best regards,


Don Jaksa
USA  Articles: 12
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16.Jul.22 16:13
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Not sure what the issue was with the 8058, perhaps I was looking to add an aux source, but mine has been passed along to another.

The 8058 was the sweetest sounding Grundig I had ever heard. 

Thanks for the revival of memories