GRUNDIG Radio for USA Export

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GRUNDIG Radio for USA Export 
10.Jun.09 13:05

Hans M. Knoll (D)
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Hans M. Knoll

Hello Grundig Friends in the RMorg.

 As an installation  you find a list with the " thre Tubes models"  of the Mfg.  Grundig from the beginning in 1955 with the 80U to at the end of this device kind, 1965,  the  2550.
The status is at this time version 7
Is renewed as required.
More see here: 
Hans M. Knoll
 Formerly member at Grundig



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Interesting career: tubes to transistors 
11.Jun.09 02:55

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

Hello Hans,

Thank you for posting your list.

It is very interesting to see you at the start of your career as a very busy engineer, responsible for the design of many tube radios at the peak of the tube era in 1965, and suddenly all tube designs desappear, and transistors take over completely in radio design.

Your list has special resonance for engineers working today. We are probably in a transitional period in electronic design, where the ever-shrinking transistor can't shrink economically any more. I am sure some lessons could be learned from your experience with the transition from tubes to transistors.

Best regards,


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