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Help with ID of airline PA Amp

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Walter (Mike) Meek
Walter (Mike) Meek
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05.Dec.11 00:36

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I have an Airline PA Amplifier which my grandfather purchased new and used in his band. I believe it is of late 30's vintage, but I have not found an ID plate, model number, or serial number. It is mounted in a wooden travel case which also serves as the speaker cabinet and accessory storage. I also have an Airline ribbon microphone which matches the amplifier finish (Factory Finish).

The emblem has the Wards Airline graphic along with the words Technical Apparatus. The amp has 2 Mics and a Phono input, It allows up to 4 speakers and a 70V line output.

I have attached a small picture of the amp. My search of the web today only turned up this:


've found an old wards PA..... looks to be in very good shape....all original
a large suitcase that comes apart to form the speakers
cat no. H4225 ..... 12" cinaudagraph speakers with the stamps
FB 12-11........ 2349.......62-2462....... any guesses as to date?


but no pics to compare with.   I would line to include this in my collection, but can't supply the details to set up a new model. Any help will be appreciated.    Mike Meek


Michael Watterson
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05.Dec.11 01:12

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You can use the form on home page to request a new model if the model really doesn't exist yet!

Here is a 1949 Mongomery Ward Airline Amp

Measure it.

Weigh it on bathroom scales.

Take off cover and list tubes used. See does tube list

match this model with no photo

Airline 74GSG-8400A
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Dimensions (WHD)  
Notes 5 (input) Channel Push - Pull Audio Amplifier. No built-in speaker

Tubes 14: 6SQ7 6SQ7 6SQ7 6SQ7 6SL7GT 6J5 6V6GT 6V6GT 6V6GT 6V6GT 6V6GT 6V6GT 5Z4 5Z4


Photograph you did at 933 wide can be uploaded when Model created. Photograph straight each panel with connectors and the chassis with cover off and bottom plate off.

It might not be a Montgomery, but they were very fond of the "airline" name so if it's not the 74GSG-8400A (it sounds like it has 2 more inputs...) we can create an unidentified Airline.

But it may be you will now spot a model number under cover. Or unobtrusively someplace.






Walter (Mike) Meek
Walter (Mike) Meek
USA  Articles: 3
Schem.: 2
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05.Dec.11 20:30

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Hello, M. Watterson I did look at your suggestions but neither fits my machine.  I am sure it is a Montgomery Ward, as items like this could only be obtained through mail order in our small rural town.  I will bet my amp is a generation older than the 1949 model.

I intended to put the tube lineup in my original post, so here it is now:  2 - 6J7  4 - 6c5  2 - 6L6 and a 5U4 rectifier. I have attached three additional pic which may help with the ID. I didn't know how much to include in my original post.  

I have searched both the amp, and the speaker case for ID info, but nothing has been found. The speaker has been removed and is missing, so if a tag was attached there about it is gone now.

The physical size is 17 X 11 X 9 inches. That includes knobs and other poky-outy things for the amplifier itself. It's weight is around 25 LBs. I didn't measure the overall Speaker/Travel case. Should that be included in the pics? 

I have created several new models so far, but I had the detail to include on the form. I am not clear about how to do that with all the unknowns that we have here.

Thanks for your quick response.  M. Meek


Michael Watterson
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05.Dec.11 20:41

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The large metal can capacitors or condensors often have dates. Sometimes two digit year and two digit week.

Fill in the Model form with as much info as you have and put link to this thread in the Note to Administrator.

The Model Administrator can decide what to do. Maybe they will create a Montgomary Ward Airline Amp "unknown" model. Or not.

It looks in lovely condition and a good Amp.

Perhaps the travel case is an integral part. Certainly if a Model is created photos of it too should be uploaded. Perhaps the Model plate was on that originally.




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