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How to place a link correctly?

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling 
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Martin Renz
Martin Renz
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13.Mar.10 09:04

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How to place a link correctly?

This is an example of a link to the "FAQ" page.

To link this page you have to highlight the word "FAQ" with your left mouse button and click the "world" button in the editor dialog box:


This dialog box appears:


Type the link address into the URL box. The prefix "http://" is already entered, and it will be removed automatically if the link address contains it (e.g.if you made a copy and paste it with your browser address field)

link addresses in plain text like the following will not be acepted any longer and, if present in your text, will prevent uploading of your post:

even parts of links like www; w_w_w or http:// will be discarded

Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa
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23.Aug.10 04:12

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Apparently, the link checker also detects anchors as exposed links.

The anchor must be placed after selecting some text or image to hide it from the link checker.

The link to the anchor is subsequently placed as Martin describes above.




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Rick Hirsh
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29.Sep.12 04:01

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Hi Joe,

For some reason, I can NOT add a "Clinkable" URL Address Link inthe body of my information thread that I have written. I have tried everything ? I have no problem when I am writting on other sites, like the Philco Phorum or Antique Radios websites.

Also, what do you mean when you mention "Anchors " ?


Thanks for your help-Rick

Martin Renz
Martin Renz
D  Articles: 694
Schem.: 262
Pict.: 349
29.Sep.12 09:15

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Hi Rick,

I edited your article and it was no problem to set the link to the video. Did you select the text "YouTube Video URL Address" before you clicked the "link button" ?

Anchors are links within a tread. You can jump from one position of the text to the position of the anchor with one click on the anchor link. This can help to navigate within larger articles.


Olivier Palix
Olivier Palix
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17.Dec.13 15:39

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Hi,the procedure to create a link do not work properly.I have tried many times unsucessfully,the URL appears in the plain text each time.Please can you explain the different steps.

Thank you


Michael Watterson
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17.Dec.13 15:50

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  1. Type the text title for the link that will be visible first. e.g.  "YOUR"  in next text
    This is YOUR post
  2. Then select it (highlight) with mouse, click chain link/World icon, paste a copy or type full desired link in URL box.
  3. Click OK


This is YOUR post

In this case I addeded "#5" to the URL so the the link would be to 5th post.


You MUST type some text that is NOT a web link. first, to "hold" the link.

Links to outside of Radiomuseum should be avoided. But YouTube seems to be acceptible.

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