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Wolfgang Thiel
Wolfgang Thiel
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10.Apr.07 06:59

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I just was able to buy an AEG tube type K1 from 1918 for my collection. Information on this tube is very sparse. On the existing tag it states the operating current as 0.52 A and the production year as 1918. Has someone in the forum any more details ( filament voltage, typical use) ? Any input would be much appreciated.Thanks
Hans-Thomas Schmidt
Hans-Thomas Schmidt
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11.Apr.07 21:16

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Hello Wolfgang,

the K1 was used in the First World War for audio telephony amplification. You can find a lot of informations on this and other early tubes in the "tube bible" from Gerald F. J. Tyne: Saga of the vacuum tube (in english language).

Saga of the vacuum tube

Best regards from bavaria,  Hans-Thomas