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Market introduction date 1953

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Mark Hippenstiel
Mark Hippenstiel
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10.Apr.17 23:04

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The series consists of:

  • 1AG4 Output Pentode
  • 1AH4 RF Pentode (April 1951)
  • 1AJ5 Diode-Pentode (August 1954)
  • 1V6 Mixer Pentode / Oscillator Triode (April 1951)
  • 1AK4 RF Pentode
  • 1AK5 Diode-Pentode

Namely the 1AJ5, registered in August 1954, was on the market a year earlier already. Raytheon has advertised this series in the January / February 1953 issue of Communication Engineering and in the March 1953 issue of Tele-Tech & Electronic Industries (see attachment, same ad for both publications).

The Tung-Sol Elekctric Inc data sheet for the tube is dated September 1, 1953. First sets appear end of 1953 e.g. with the Motorola HS-347 chassis.

Obviously, the registration for 1AJ5 was late and has to be marked as erroneuos. In my opinion, it cannot be reliably used to determine the year of a model release.

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Wolfgang Gebert
Wolfgang Gebert
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11.Apr.17 18:19

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this ad was also published in Electronics, February 1953 p.33