Model pages for catalogs, magazines, journals, folders, etc.

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Model pages for catalogs, magazines, journals, folders, etc. 
11.Dec.11 20:58

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

I saw the innovative approach made by Alan Larsen, one of our most active members in the USA.
He had bought an August 1928 Siver-Marshall General Catalog and instead of creating a multi page PDF he created this model page. Then he scanned the catalog, reduced the single pages after cropping (best is to not cut out any page numbering or so) to 933 pixels width - which may result in up to 1400 pixels hight - and loaded up page by page, starting with the title page.

I think this is a very good way to document such a catalog. This one has 24 pages.
He naturally loaded up also single pages to the models concerned and/or the pictures. The single pictures naturally before reducing the original scan. This is creating a first class primary information from the manufacturer/brand. In this format everything is also well readable for members.

The benefit compared to a multi page PDF is that users find this immediately if looking for a model via manufacturer and can select in the hit list. The draw back for guests is that they only see the middle sized pictures. But any interested guests can become a membership for free if they waive the one time fee by loading up a dozen pictures to different models. We are a museum without an entry fee but expect some return if one wants to have access to the "museum cellar" - which are all the goodies of a membership.

I recommend in such cases to keep the original scan until the big application "Literature Finder" is made. Then we have good places to load up multi page PDFs if they show that they are made for

I will follow with some examples for FADA 1927 - and then also link here.

One of the best things members can achieve for helping to build up *the most complete reference work on radios and related" is to load up such material like fliers and folder pages to model pages - and the single pictures - at least where a picture is missing - and also to add data to the model and change the date accordingly - perhaps with some text in the notes - where we always should begin with the model designation - for better search results.

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Special highlighting in the hit list of models 
13.Dec.11 18:36
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

If you enter FADA into the simple model search, you will get a list of more than 600 fada models. Then you click the "Year" in the resulting model hit list and croll down down - or perhaps on next page you will find one entry with a yellow background for the whole line. The camera symbol tells you that there are pictures. When you click the "model" January 1927 FADA-SALES Radio Magazine, then you see the different pages of this magazine.

Users can click the 13 thumbnail pictures to "middle sized" pictures and members can click to readable big sized pictures.

When creating such a "model", one has to select the last type "Catalog, folder etc. ...". Then the server puts the background in. So for any user it is easy to find. When we get many of such "model" pages then we also have the possibility to show all together in a separate list - perhaps within the future "Literature Finder". But already now they all can be found by using the "advanced model search" and selecting this "model type" only - after Alan did change his catalog(s) to this new type.

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Model pages for Catalogs, German Version 
14.Dec.11 11:25
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014 (D)
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014