Mullard factory

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Toni Gutiérrez García
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06.May.20 11:45

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The Mullard factory in Blackburn occupies an area of 45 acres. Most of Mullard's receiving valves are produced there. To achieve the highest level of quality control, in the primary stages of production, glass and filaments are also manufactured here.

Behind the Mullard brand, there is Britain's largest and most modern industrial complex, in valve, picture tubes and semiconductors.
The Mullard complex is made up of 14 industrial production centers, many of them located among the most advanced in the world; a central electronics laboratory, employing some eight hundred researchers, and the "Center for Electronics" as it is known in Britain, the organization's true headquarters. Mullard is endorsed by the prestige of its high quality and high performance.

Detlef Boeder
Detlef Boeder
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10.May.20 18:14

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I was interested in what the terrain around Blackburn looks like today. Whether the buildings are still standing. Oriented to the residential buildings, i found only this section. The street and arrangement of the houses fits. The factory buildings no longer exist. I don't think today's picture is 100% suitable, but if someone finds a better one around Blackurn, I can delete it. I couldn't find a more suitable site.


Thank you Gerhard,

Ok, I hadn't found it. An administrator can then delete my wrong picture.

Unfortunately I can't do it myself.

Best regards,






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Gerhard Wickern
Gerhard Wickern
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10.May.20 19:19

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Hello Mr. Boeder,

 I searched the net for additional information on Mullard radio valve and found that the plant was located at Whitebirk. There I found this aerial view:

This comes much closer to the arrangement of houses on the old picture.


Kind Regards

Gerhard Wickern