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Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa
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22.Dec.11 07:35

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 Fellow Radiophiles:

Unusual use of NE-2 bulb to discharge capacitors to 0VDC at RF triggered NE-2 neon bulb.



Georg Beckmann
Georg Beckmann
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22.Dec.11 09:34

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Hi Joe,


again, a very interesting application of a simple part.

Here is another one using a neon as a controlled switch.  Before we have digital circuits with battery back-up rams eproms flash and other stuff, it was hard to store an analog value over a long periode.

This was needed, if you use a remote control for a radio or tv and not want to use a motor-potentiometer.

here a circuit a draw as good as I remember it from Grundig. I ask Mr. Knoll, if he find an original schematic.

neon application for remote control of a TV set



Hans M. Knoll
Hans M. Knoll
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22.Dec.11 10:23

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please see here


Mr. Beckman ask me for the Diagramm



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