Obituary for Alfred George Healing

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Obituary for Alfred George Healing 
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Gary Cowans (AUS)
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Gary Cowans

Obituary for Alfred George Healing,  from The Herald, February 19, 1945, page 6.

M. A. G. Healing had thin times.


In his youth, Mr. Alfred George Healing, founder, and governing director of A. G. Healing Co. Ltd. who died at his home at Kew yesterday used to be known as the "cycling salesman."

During the early years of struggle to keep his business going, he would often feel the need for ready cash. Then he would get on his bicycle with a bag of supplies on his back and set out on a tour of Victoria.

He rode over the Alps on more than one occasion and pushed his bicycle to every corner of the State, over rough tracks where years later his salesmen glided over smooth roads In de-luxe cars.
These salesmen slept in modern hotels, but Mr. Healing used to curl up under a tree to sleep, often boiling the billy for his evening meal.


While on these cycling-selling tours he would take time out for a little gold prospecting, often making a few more pounds to put into his struggling business.

Quite often he would arrive in Melbourne at midday on Saturday after a hard morning's cycling from the country, change hurriedly into football togs, and take the field for Melbourne, for whom he played a hard, bumping game on the half-back line.

A friend of many years' standing said today that Mr. Healing did not always find the going easy when he started out to build a business which was ultimately to employ nearly 600 people.

He was fortunate In knowing a  bank manager who was willing to take a chance on character. He believed in the young Mr. Healing's drive and business ability and backed him through the thin years.


Originally, he had a real estate office in Richmond. One day in 1896 a group of railway workers were walking along the street discussing the formation of a syndicate to import bicycles from Britain. They wanted one more partner.

At that moment they passed Mr. Healings' office. One of them said, "Let's try him." They did and that’s how he got into the bicycle business. He was helped by a loan of £50 from his sister.
He was one of the first men in Australia to make bicycle tyres. About 45 years ago he started making and vulcanising tyres by hand.

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