philco: Highboy; 111 - which style?

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Dieser Artikel betrifft das Modell: 111 Highboy (Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA)

philco: Highboy; 111 - which style? 
24.Sep.09 19:24

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Ernst Erb

Oversight or magnifying glass?
We have always the problem of quantity versus quality. That is the reason why I collected about 250 pounds of US periodicals, catalogs and brochures. Because I received a contact form with pictures from a guest I had a look into books, journals and Internet. In Internet one finds a very nice picture but it does not say if it is style "Louis XVI" or "William and Mary" design. Picture and text from the "Radio Retailing", January 1931, page 52 I added here. We can hope that one day a guest or member will tell us - or that we get the right brochure for it.

When we know more, we have to split this model not only in 111 and
111A but also by cabinet.
I added also the remains of a Highboy to show legs in detail. Guest Dave Hudson did not want to throw it away and would like to give it for free to a collector ... Who is interested? A close look at the legs tells us also that they have been made at "Philco Furniture Plant 25". I will also ask for the measurements.

It can be noted that this was Philco's first Superhet model - but the cabinet was also used for other chassis. Therefore one has to be careful with uploading photos. We leave some wrong photos until we know to which model we have to move them to. The knobsd sometimes may even tell ... Since the Superhet is mentioned in January (print in December ... having facts before), it is quite possible that these models are of season 1930/31, not year 1931.

Who is willing to help scanning and loading up more from catalogs or journals? All the content is made by members - but it has to be done ... We have a unique possibility to really get a most complete reference work for all collectors - if we get more persons, willing to help.

On the same page for instance is the early "Home Talking Movies" (Movie, Radio Phonograph Combination) set Visionola, introduced by Visionola Mfg. Corp., 60 East 42nd Street, New York, sold by Sparton (Sparks-Withington Co.). In February 1931 the model was featured by "Radio News". This was similar to Visivox from Sprague.

Für diesen Post bedanken, weil hilfreich und/oder fachlich fundiert.