Philips Model Codes

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Martin Kent
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19.Sep.21 22:38
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I am looking at creating a table for Philips model codes and would like other members of Radiomuseum to have some input.

For example: 22AH280 /00 /15 /29 /45

The prefix (22) is a country of origin code (which country?) & the suffix appears to be a market variant. In this case I do know the 45 suffix indicates models sold in Australia/New Zealand.

This is a project that I feel is long needed in the Radiomuseum community. Any help and contributions from other members is most welcome and would be much appreciated.


Torbjörn Forsman
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20.Sep.21 10:39

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I have tried to compile a  table of those suffix codes but still don't have much to contribute with.

Some notes however:

The same codes are used both for sets sold under the Philips brand and for Philips-made sets sold under other brands (in Sweden, the most common ones are Conserton and DUX, for some years around 1970 also AGA and Radiola sets were in fact made by Philips).

/00 seems to be standard model for general western european market.

/19 for scandinavian market.

/29 probably for France.

Old car radios with no provision for voltage adjustment often have the suffixes of /06 , /12 or /24 for the various battery voltages.

Suffix codes that i have no explanation for so far:

/31 and /33 (on portable radios)

/98 (on a portable b/w television, X12T740/98 )


Portable radios with plastic case that were sold in various colours, often have a letter after the suffix digits indicating the colour. Among those letters, i'm fairly sure about the following ones:

B white (however i have one radio with wooden case with a B letter, a Dux T1262/00B , it is a small table radio derived from a cheap, plastic, portable model)

F green or olive drab

S possibly grey or grey metallic

X blue

Z red

R has been seen on several portable radios and radiorecorders but doesn't seem to have anything to do with the case colour.

Martin Kent
AUS  Articles: 19
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20.Sep.21 11:22
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Thank you Torbjorn for your input - what you have contributed is a start.

I have also seen the letter R  attached to suffix's like /00R. I thought that may have indicated revision or revised.

So far now we have for certain /45 (Australia/New Zealand and /19  (Scandinavia).