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kandatsush: Pony CB-74

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Loek d'Hont
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25.Aug.20 02:36
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The Pony CB-74 CB transceiver is identical to the Fieldmaster TR-16M CB radio. Both radios are 4 watts (not 0.4 watts RF as erroneously stated at the Pony CB-74 page).  The Pony CB-74 is also almost identical to the Sommerkamp TS-727G. The only difference is that the Sommerkamp is limited to 2 watts (to meet the German CB regulations at the time) where the Pony and the Fieldmaster are 4 watt (FCC) radios. The Sommerkamp has a trim potentiometer added to the insides (R56, 1 kilo ohm) to limit the RF power, which is not there for the Pony and the Fieldmaster. So if you need the diagram for the CB-74, just download the Sommerkamp TS-727G manual (easily found on the Internet) and assume a wire jumper in the place of R56. The rest is identical.

Last but not least, the Pony CB-72 diagram (also easily found on the Intertnet) is identical to the Pony CB-74. The only difference is that the CB-72 has a combined speaker/microphone unit on the cord, whenre the CB-74 has the traditional setup (speaker in the radio, microphone on the cord).