R14 (R14)

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Peter den Boer
Peter den Boer
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19.Nov.10 11:19

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When I was trying to create a R14_Dario, I saw this tube

The manufacturer was unknown, so I changed the manufacturer in Radio Record, because it is clearly a Radio Record tube. But this page mention the designation R14 = RE084. All the Radio Record tubes with a designation starting wit a R are rectifiers. So the designation R14 is wrong. The shape of this tube is not specific enough to tell which the real designation is. So I suggest to contact Uwe Rossier for the real designation or delete this entry.

Peter den Boer

Wolfgang Holtmann
Wolfgang Holtmann
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19.Nov.10 12:55

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Dear Peter

Thank you for drawing our attention to the erroneous information on the R14 page.

One can find the Radio Record Rectifier R14 and the Dario Triode R14 in the RM Database separately.

Kind regards.