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radiomobil: Radio Mobile 922T repair

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James Conley
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14.Mar.19 00:30

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Can anyone give me some tips on where to start looking for a dead receiver?  Radio Mobile 922 T.  Also, any recomendations for replacement transistors for AF117? 

Thank you.

Michael Watterson
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15.Mar.19 20:19

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An AC127, or any Russian NOS Germanium PNP on eBay that works up to 60MHz. I used some of the Top Hat style ones in a Hacker RP19 to replace AF117. Also in a Bush. Just ignore the screen connection.

OC170 or OC171 may do, but while not as prone to tin whiskers allegedly some do have the fault. I've not had a problem with them. Same style.

See also the AF117 page

The problem was too much tin inside the case. Whiskers grow in the gel. Methods of "blowing" the whiskers can only be short lived. Not all AF117 production had the problem, but I'd not buy any AF117!

James Conley
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18.Mar.19 13:53

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Thank you Michael.  I will keep the forum posted on what I do to repair this 922T.