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Rainer Rothen
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Foundation Documents                     (Original in German by Ernst Erb)
Seldom – but still – members would like to learn more about the “Stiftung Radiomuseum Luzern” (engl. Foundation Radio- Museum Lucerne). The important documents regarding the foundation please find in the attached PDF- files.
In general a foundation is either a gift in form of assets, mostly for charity purposes or the benefit of the public – or an institution founded by a founding act.
Definition of a foundation from Meyer's Lexicon:
                                                                                        *** Needs to be translated ***
"Sondervermögen, das gemäss dem Willen eines Stifters selbständig verwaltet und zur Förderung eines bestimmten Zweckes verwendet wird ... Die rechtsfähige private Stiftung entsteht durch einen rechtsgeschäftlichen Akt des Stifters und die nach freiem Ermessen zu erteilende staatliche Genehmigung. Sie untersteht zudem einer weitgehenden Rechtsaufsicht des Staates."
Of course there are foundations by the Government or such which are supported or subsidized by the Government. This certainly is not the case with “Stiftung Radiomuseum Luzern”. The foundation does not have any benefactors until now. The foundation was established by myself so that the collection (esp. Swiss- made apparatus, etc. from the 20s) as well as can survive me.
Legally speaking “RMorg” belongs to the foundation, even though I do pay for most of the expenses by myself. Members of this Non- for Profit Organization “” are not members of the foundation, but persons who support “RMorg” as “registered users”.they do have certain rights and duties- which can be read about on the registration page.
A “RMorg” supporter (short: member) can drop her or his membership (and rights and duties) at any time – independent from the statues of the foundation. Members are in no case liable for the financial well- being of the foundation.


(Translation: Rainer Rothen)


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