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Radioactive Valve? Uranium Dioxide Tube EUV1

Jacob Roschy Ernst Erb Martin Renz Bernhard Nagel 
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Iordanis Smyrnis
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29.May.21 00:08

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I am in the procedure of trying to fix a friend's radio Kapsh Victoria from Austria.

Inside i found a weird tube like a light bulb and after using  a magnifying glass  i found out that it is a EU V1 tube.

An almost identical tube, the EUV , found on radiomuseum catalogue, says that it has Uranium Dioxide which is radioactive!!! Is this true?

Can someone indicate the use of it and if there is a way to avoid it in the radio and how?

Another Hazard in the radio is the metallic cover of the EU V1 tube with three stripes of what i believe is asbestos for heat dissipitation  !!!!

I cannot find a schematic of the radio to help me.

Tubes inside are the following EK2, ECH3, CBL1, CY1 &the EU V1.

Any idea, guidance, or suggestion is more than welcome!


Jacob Roschy
Jacob Roschy
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30.May.21 21:11
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the EUVI – correctly written - can also be found in the radiomuseum catalogue,

About Urdox tubes please look at following links:

Are Urdox dangerous ?

Barretter-Urdox EUVI

comprehensive, in German, use a translator:

Heizkreisregelröhren: U, EW, EU, C

Best Regards,
Jacob Roschy

Andreas Steinmetz
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31.May.21 23:15
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Hi Jacob,

sorry, your last link is faulty. Here is the correct link to the article "Heizkreisregelröhren: U, EW, EU, C".