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Radiomobile 108SR

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Michael Goscombe
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04.Apr.15 13:48

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I'm not sure whether this is the correct section in which to post  information about this 1970s Car Radio/8 Track Player, but, as it isn't one of the radiomobile models listed, I'll append some data here.  This includes a couple of pages from the service manual, plus my own notes on how to add an 'auxillary input' to one of these machines, which were originally manufactured by Voxson in Italy.  Radiomobile built them under licence in the UK  They featured an AM (MW/LW) Manually tuned Radio, and an 8-track stereo cartridge player,  using a 3-phase brushless Motor, although in later production, this was changed for a standard 12v DC motor, presumably on grounds of cost.   There was also a Cartridge Player only (The 106S), and, in the UK at least, dual polarity versions, indicated by the 'N/P' suffix following the model number. 


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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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12.Apr.15 10:51

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Dear Michael
It is nice that you post this here. It is the "normal approach" in other Sites, where the content is not organized. By chance somebody can find bits and peaces. So far - so good. :-)

But we would not be able to show more than 261'000 model pages if we would persue the "normal way". We are trying to put everything logically together including many links for more datails like manufacturer, tubes, schematics, pictures, other models from the same brand or manufacutrer, collections, literature for it and museums that show it etc. Please analyze this model page with rather complete content.

As a member you can also track all the entries from (often) different members and entries/corrections by admins. But guest can also click many links, in this example for instance for getting the collection page of a member who has that set.

Every member can create a new model page which then is checked by two admins and can be seen after this - including your photos if you load them up at the time of creation. If a manufacturer is missing, you can also propose a new manufacturer.

You find the links for new models or manufacturers under the links below of "Radiomuseum" (left part of the HP). Would be nice to see you as an active member. You and guests will find step-by-step-instructions for most of the tasks at the link FAQ under HELP in the same column. Since we seek for quality and some uniformity it is a task. Good luck - otherwise you get help!



Michael Goscombe
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12.Apr.15 21:07

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Good Evening,

I posted my comments about the Radiomobile 108SR in the Forum because, having checked the make & model listings and could find nothing about the 108SR & related models, either under Radiomobile, or under Voxson, who originally produced toe 103. 104. 106 & 108 series of in-car 8 track players, and I'm not certain how you start a thread on mkes or models not already listed. 

Michael Watterson
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19.Apr.15 21:02

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If a model doesn't exist already, you fill in the form Create New Model (link on Home page left menu) to create one.

Check the list of all Models for the Manufacturer/Brand as sometimes the model may be described differently here (either correctly or sometimes in error).

Michael Goscombe
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20.Apr.15 09:40

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Am I able to transfer my post(s) relating to the Radiomobile 108SR' to the 'New Model' section, then maybe add to it later?  My post contains several links to diagrams, etc, plus my comments.