Radiomuseum statistics by country

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Radiomuseum statistics by country 
02.Mar.09 06:45

Thomas Albrecht (USA)
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Thomas Albrecht

This article is a translation of a recent posting in German by Ernst Erb that may be of interest to our English-speaking community.  You can find the original as the 8th posting under usa_modelle_was_laeuft ("USA models - What's happening").

On the RMorg home page, if you click on "Countries / Brands," you will bring up a page with "top down" statistics.  In the default view, you will see an overview by country, showing the the exact situation with respect to the number of models, schematics, and pictures, with the countries in order based on their total number of models.  You can sort alphabetically by country, and you can show all the brands (both with and without any model data) associated with a particular country.  You can also show only the "big" brands -- although this feature is only really working properly for Germany (for which the approach is similar to that used in the book "Radiocatalog Vol. 1") and for the U.S.A. (for which it means manufacturers for whom we have more than 500 models listed).

For now, we couldn't proceed further with listing "big" manufacturers for each country.  Eventually we'll need to designate ONE person to be responsible for providing a reliable list for each country.  The size depends only on a manufacturer's radio business, and not the overall size of the company.  Once the list has been set, it should stay fixed (unless we become aware of mistakes or new knowledge).

At the end of February 2009 the situation is as follows for the top dozen countries:

          Country                             # models

  • USA                                   58,545
  • Germany                           39,466
  • United Kingdom                 6,255
  • Japan                                  6,144
  • France                                5,740
  • Austria                                5,666
  • Italy                                      4,884
  • Netherlands                        3,521
  • Switzerland                        3,269
  • Czechoslovakia                 1,546
  • Sweden                              1,368
  • Hungary                              1,290

Overall, we now have 145,499 models listed.  In the future, the total will be updated in real time.

When viewing these statistics, keep in mind that the level of information about each country's radio industry depends on the level of interest and participation shown by members from that country.  Some exceptions to this are the U.S.A. and Japan, for which most of the data has been provided by collectors from Germany and Austria.

I didn't venture to list the names of the "most active members," since I could only do that based on my impression, and would potentially offend those left out.  Although the name of the person who originally submitted a model is shown on the model page, there are also those whose work is not so openly visible, and appear only if you click on "Suggest a change" (only available to members) on the model page, which shows the history of changes and those responsible.  In addition there are those who have uploaded schematics and pictures.

It is only thanks to all of these people, as well as the model, picture, and schematic administrators, that we have such an extraordinary wealth of information here.  You will not find comparable information anywhere else, even though we know that our data is still far from complete and by no means free of errors.  Fortunately, now and then guests use our Contact_Form to provide missing information, pictures, and schematics.  Many thanks for that.

For each country, you can get an overview of how many models there are from before and after WW2, how many models have pictures or schematics associated with them, and the total numbers of pictures, schematics, and forum texts.  The most interesting thing is to click on "number of brands w. mod." (brands with specific models listed).  This shows the manufacturers in alphabetical order, and shows how complete or incomplete our information is.  The "spec." field you see there is for the use of those special members who are working intensively to provide complete information (for example, for USA manufacturers).  For our next step, we are working on some special programs for this purpose; later these will work with our "Schematic_Finder."

In addition, guests can view the New_Prices, New_Pictures, New_Tube_Pics, and Schematics_Requested pages by clicking on the appropriate links on the home page.  By clicking on Collections, outstanding collectors can be found.

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02.Mar.09 07:15

Michele Denber (USA)
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Michele Denber

Thanks very much, Thomas, for providing that translation.  It is greatly appreciated.

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Country text in English now available 
20.Jun.09 11:45

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear readers
Up to now an English text for the country USA was missing. Alfred Zeeb, Canada, has sent me now a translation of my text in German from my book "Radios von gestern" (456 big sized pages in German, with 900 pictures, aminly for Europe). It is only a part of this text for the USA - and I'm not at all an Expert (of anything). I wrote the text in the 1980s without much knowledge. But thanks to Alfred we have now one in proper English ...

You just click "Countries / Brands" on the search page (left) and then you click "United States of America (USA)" to get it. Or you click this link.

Quite below you find a link for writing forum articles which are better than my text or focus on other things - will be accepted if they show a certain quality. If I'm mistaken in my text, please send your opinion by contact form. You can also attach up to 3 photos if you are a guest. Please use the last tic (link admin).

We would like to display some historic photos like broadcast stations, transmitters, documents etc. but please as a member only upload pictures by naming the exact primary source (or book or journal inkc. date). Members can do so by using the link near the bottom of the text, guests via contact form. I apologize that for Hungary we have accepted pictures without sufficient legends ...

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